stonework in a sentence

Example sentences for stonework

On the north wall, there is a rough stonework fireplace.
Today many of the historic features, such as stonework, are still visible more.
Its cupola is made of pressed metal designed to match the stonework of the building.
All roof cornices or other ornamental stonework must be removed prior to pulling walls down.
Wrought iron binders were placed through the stonework and tightened to secure the walls.
The ashlar stonework of the complex is of exceptionally good quality with the names of the buildings inscribed in the stonework.
In many cases, a concrete facing has been cast directly against the stonework.
Depending on the details of the work, the stonework may either be completely hidden or left in some detectable form.
It stands atop a rectangular stonework pedestal with a foundation in the shape of an irregular eleven-pointed star.
Occasionally found in human-inhabited areas with boulders or old stonework.
The highly textured stonework has mortar joints sunken back about three inches from the stone face.
For example, stone lintels or other stonework should not be replaced with brick.
Inside, original paint colors, plaster and stonework were restored.
Skilled craftsmanship and sophisticated traditions of pottery making and stonework can be seen in potsherd and arrowheads.
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