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Example sentences for stomachache

Add them up and you get instinct: a doctor's sense that a patient's stomachache might really be appendicitis, for example.
Gu appears calm as she works, though she admits she sometimes gets a stomachache before undertaking a really big repair.
It doesn't help that they invariably give me a stomachache.
Indians boiled the strong leaves for food and as a stomachache remedy.
Omanis dab a drop on a forehead to relieve a headache, or even drink the floral liquid to cure a stomachache.
These types of illnesses include vomiting, diarrhea with fever and stomachache, or nausea accompanied by a fever.
If you want to know if an elephant has a stomachache, ask the cage cleaner.
Millions of doses have been taken with no more ill effect than the occasional stomachache.
He was, he said, on the toilet with a bad stomachache.
For network executives, that blah feeling has become a recurring stomachache.
Kids who eat all their candy could go home with more than a stomachache.
Don't forget to share, or you might get a stomachache.
When she recently came down with a stomachache, she called the office and got an appointment within three hours.
Sometimes, it's more than a simple stomachache, especially if it continues over a long period of time or happens repeatedly.
Abdominal pain can represent many different types of problems besides a simple stomachache.
If symptoms do occur, they may include stomachache and vomiting.
They say they have a stomachache, and he sells them what he wants.
It is generally safe, although eating a large amount of the berries can cause a stomachache.
The animals can develop lactic acidosis--a giant stomachache.
Other tribes used the plant in tea form for stomachache.
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