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It is a complex organ system that first carries food from the mouth down the esophagus to the stomach.
And it does so without making you want to run out of the theater clutching your stomach.
Our vet gave us a pill gun to get it right into the stomach region and not the lungs.
It's not surprising that each letter has affected me enough to cause stomach pains.
Some didn't have the relational skills necessary for this challenging task or the stomach for it.
They then migrate from the mouth to the stomach of the horse.
Basically the olive oil and the lemon only make it to your stomach.
Most commonly in humans, it's primarily hair that gets stuck in the stomach.
Viral gastroenteritis is inflammation of the stomach and intestines caused by a virus.
Gastritis occurs when the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed or swollen.
His feeding tube needed to be removed from his stomach.
Gastrectomy is surgery to remove part or all of the stomach.
The stomach muscles do not contract normally, which causes delays in stomach emptying, increasing the risk for acid back-up.
It is a pretty office where one works only with his stomach.
Every investigation which is guided by principles of nature fixes its ultimate aim entirely on gratifying the stomach.
Bolted a fried beefsteak for the physical need of my stomach.
Eating and drinking make the stomach full but the purse empty.
They got into his stomach, and from time to time came out of his mouth.
He had contracted such a habit of fasting, that his stomach could no longer bear any food.
Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake.
The fast-food heavy diet often required when traveling does not help your stomach stay flat.
Symptoms you might experience range from constipation or loose stools to stomach pain and nausea.
The food travels through the banded area at a slow speed, which makes the top half of the stomach feel full quickly.
Air sickness sets in on an empty stomach or a stomach that's only full of liquids more so than on a full stomach.
Less traditional are the bare expanse of taut stomach, the skin-tight hipster trousers and the six-inch stilettos.
But his citizens have only so much stomach-and money-for the fight.
So far the president has shown little stomach for going the whole way.
Though its neighbours have neither the strength nor the stomach for a fight these days, there are new threats of all kinds.
His doctors misdiagnosed him to the last, blaming his nerves and his stomach.
None could stomach further violence after that shared tragedy.
It is only after stomach muscles have wasted that the distended bellies so sadly familiar from television pictures appear.
What makes this harder to stomach is that many educational establishments are profit-making businesses.
But it has little stomach for a fight over a subject that touches such a raw nerve.
The government also seems to lack the stomach to see its plan through.
The question is whether the government has the stomach for another round of fiscal tightening.
Scientists say they have produced clean, renewable energy from the contents of a cow's stomach.
But one of the babysitters began to accept me and let me crawl on my stomach toward the den.
On the middle of the sweatshirt, paint a white stomach.
People who eat the meat have reported temporary problems such as numbness in the mouth, skin rashes, and stomach aches.
When surgery is needed, the traditional solution is to graft tissue from the patient's stomach or intestine onto the bladder.
The open doorway in the bear's stomach represents birth and stimulates the imaginations of onlookers.
The pellets also need to contain a protective packaging to prevent stomach acids from destroying the active ingredients.
These types of scenes can be a little harder to stomach.
Then its stomach contents and beak and other mouthparts will be examined.
The echinoderm feeds on living corals by spreading its stomach over them and secreting enzymes to liquefy the coral tissue.
When threatened, it defends itself by vomiting powerful stomach acids.
Once food is safely in the stomach, water that was sucked up in the vacuum process is expelled through the gills.
She loves to go down feet first, head first, and on her stomach.
Get down on your stomach or carefully climb a tree to get a new angle.
After the shark swallows the air it ends up in its stomach.
Users commonly experience butterflies in the stomach as the effects take hold.
And the fact that people are permitted to shoot any animal from a helicopter turns my stomach.
Some preserved stomach contents confirmed that it was a fish-eater.
For years after that, even the thought of chocolate ice cream would turn my stomach.
My stomach growled louder as the food was within reaching distance.
Your stomach isn't there, and your mouth is dry, and your hands are wet with perspiration.
Imagine all sorts of meats and vegetables sewn into a pig's stomach and boiled-unless you'd rather not.
Burn the mouth, warm the stomach and burn again as they make their exit in a grande finale.
They used to come back with fever and stomach ache from all those packaged food.
Soon, excess pounds will be shed using a stomach pacemaker.
The description about how he tried to remove some of the skin growths are not for the weak of stomach.
But when it's time to make actual plans, your stomach clenches and you wonder if it's necessary after all.
About four minutes into the presentation, he said something that made my pounding heart sink to my burning stomach.
Lying on your stomach at a slight downward angle for months on end used to stand in for the effects of nearly no gravity.
Warning: if you have a delicate stomach-stop reading this now.
Most everyone knows that stress can cause a clenched, gurgling, unhappy stomach.
Aspirin may irritate the stomach and alcohol can amplify the toxic effects of acetaminophen on the liver.
Helminth worm infections can give the mothers symptoms such as mild anemia or stomach pain and vomiting.
In cheetahs amyloid fibrils build up in the spleen and liver, typically following an inflammatory stomach disease.
Many who get these alternative treatments end up with stomach cramps, nausea and dehydration.
The process begins as food hits the stomach and small intestine.
At extreme levels, it can also harm the lining of the stomach and central nervous system.
Either one or both mice were injected with diluted acetic acid, which is known to cause a mild stomach ache.
Each weekend's schedule is chockablock with music and food options, and there's only so much time in a day and room in a stomach.
But each one still made my stomach rise into my throat.
Discard egg-shaped stomach, spongy gills, and the skin covering the siphon.
She had an iron stomach and was incapable of understanding that other people did not.
It is customary to discard the intestinal vein and the little stomach sac from which it starts.
Marinated ribbons of cow stomach are fried in crust that sings harmony to the meat's tang.
The termite's stomach, of all things, has become the focus of large-scale scientific investigations.
The high-density ballast of the juice itself settles the stomach.
Joseph straightened his shoulders, but as they approached the cliff, he felt his stomach kink.
And over the past twenty years the number of cases of leukemia and cancer of the stomach has doubled.
When they were in bed together and he thought she might be looking at him, he kept his stomach sucked in.
Bigger subsidies might also be necessary to get investors to stomach the high upfront costs and slow returns of nuclear reactors.
The combination of herbs, whatever they all are, settles the stomach and aids digestion.
We told ourselves it was a stomach bug, something he'd eaten.
Really, consumers must be able to stomach these fees too.
And the government could better stomach that risk because they could hold the securities to maturity.
The truth is they're not picky eaters, with one case in which authorities found a chicken coop in a tiger shark's stomach.
Lenders will more easily be able to stomach the loss, since it won't come all at once.
He began to wake up each morning with dread in his stomach.
When a sick stomach won't go away, a good patient history can help.
Linking stomach pain, diabetes, and weight loss saves a life.
They convert food-derived nitrate in saliva into a chemical that kills harmful germs in the stomach.
The medical elite thought they knew what caused ulcers and stomach cancer.
Comatose patients have a tendency to vomit stomach contents into their lungs.
He politely turned down my prescription for a bone-strengthening drug, certain it would upset his stomach horribly.
When flecks of blood showed up in her vomit, everyone figured her blood pressure was low because of bleeding from a stomach ulcer.
The first real clue was the drug's ability to concentrate in the food vacuole-or so-called acid stomach-of the malaria parasite.
Surgeons had removed some of his stomach muscles along with portions of his hip bone and transplanted them to his right leg.
As it crawls over the reef, it digests the underlying coral by extruding its stomach out through its underside.
He had placed the devices into the frogs' peritoneal cavity, a space within its belly that contains its stomach, guts and liver.
If this sounds delicious, then your stomach serves you well.
Boldo leaves are still used today to cure stomach ills and relieve colds and congestion.
He even clutched his stomach to show how upset he was.
The two activities are not related as tapping your head with one hand and running your other hand in circles around your stomach.
He smoothed the dog's fur as if it were his stomach.
The problem in his stomach came from knowing what, and who, the smell was.
The first day they put me in a dark room and started hitting me in the head and stomach and legs.
The roofing nails were to be used as ice picks, for clawing forward on one's stomach.
She was tailoring a dress for her and touched her stomach.
Les was so jealous that he nearly bent over as if with a stomach cramp.
But then that, really, is the story today-the return of stomach-churning volatility.
His knees trembled and his stomach churned at the enormity of what he was doing.
Apparently, she has been suffering from anxiety and stomach aches.
My heart was in my stomach, but he always came through.
Taped flat to the stomach, the pancake is invisible to scanning machines.
Annie gasped and leaned forward, sick to her stomach.
Then she underwent an operation that reduced her stomach from the size of a football to the size of an egg.
It takes a while for the brain to realize that the stomach is stretching.
It is the movement of the food, liquid and particularly gas that causes the stomach to growl.
Despite these hurdles, new vaccines against diseases as disparate as typhoid fever and stomach cancer will soon be swallowed.
Enzymes in the stomach convert the alcohol into a gas, which is what the device detects.
The stomach, which receives food from the esophagus, is located in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen.
Results of clinical trials concerning stomach cancer.

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