stolid in a sentence

Example sentences for stolid

Stolid modern farm buildings with red-tile roofs stood in place of the huts of the ancient tribesmen.
He was no stolid merchant but an audacious risk-taker, and something of a rebel in early life.
His home is average, a stolid two-story ranch at the edge of a wheat field with a barn outside the door.
Be expresses bin customary stolid confidence in his success.
When this freedom became license society still looked on with stolid indifference.
He failed however, to gather any information from the butler's stolid vis age.

Famous quotes containing the word stolid

I saw a ship of martial build (Her standards set, her brave apparel on) Directed as by madness mere Against a stol... more
Of the other characters in the book there is, likewise, little to say. The most endearing one is obviously the old Capta... more
The Indian sat on the front seat, saying nothing to anybody, with a stolid expression of face, as if barely... more
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