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Example sentences for stoked

But positive sales reports from automakers stoked investors' hopes in the final hours of trading.
It is gathering a windfall from oil exports, thanks to a high price stoked in part by fears of war.
We're stoked to go to work everyday-not many people have that.
The furnaces warped and cracked, causing gases to escape, and had to be stoked frequently.
For what has stoked their fires isn't flesh or cash but stack upon precious stack of manga.
One line among the transactions stoked the debate, as if it needed further stoking.
Found this online store and was stoked to find billabong, quicksilver, etc tanks that are mesh and for a great price.
We were certainly stoked that you can shoot video until you run out of space on your card.
Rising demand, a falling dollar and rosy economic predictions have stoked the price of commodities in the last few years.
Their growth is stoked by big current-account deficits.
Once you nail that down you'll be stoked with the performance.
We'll be pretty stoked to see what tweaks they make.
It stoked conspiracy theories, and vaccination rates plunged dangerously.
You'll be stoked to have it as part of your shredding gear.
Fuel efficiency or not, we'd be stoked to get a bigger fuel canister.
Economics focus finds little evidence that it stoked the financial crisis.
Overt grief is part of life now, stoked by a public and media hungry for human interest.
They also claim that the rioting was stoked by pro-government militia and plainclothes soldiers to discredit their movement.
And it is people's worries that need to be overcome more than their hopes need to be stoked.
But right-wingers stoked public dread and polls soon showed significant disapproval of the closure.
Rising prices for food and fuel, among other goods, have stoked public anger.
Stories of the pandemic stoked the fears of state residents.
Some of these beacons were quite literally bonfires, lighted and stoked by hardy patrons.
When her husband died and his family came to burn the body, she stood by him and stoked the fire under him.
Keep in mind this fear is being unnaturally stoked and provoked by the labs constant warnings, right or wrong.
Some members of the press stoked suspicion of nontraditional religious organizations.
Moreover, it stoked rather than ended the debate over strategic stability.
The downward revision stoked fears that the economy is at risk of another recession.
Inflation fears have been stoked by rising prices for basic foodstuffs, construction materials and petroleum.
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