stoically in a sentence

Example sentences for stoically

But its representative could only look on stoically as the good stuff-which he could refurbish and sell-disappeared.
He bore this second big disappointment in his life stoically.
Local cadres sitting on plastic chairs stoically endure the sodden spectacle.
They live in near-constant silence, stoically bearing the drudgery of their hand-to-mouth existence.
Stoically, she settled for a modest post in the state's department of education, steering high-schoolers to community service.
Now, brought back among his people and told he has to bathe, he stoically sits in a washtub and firmly refuses to move.
He lowered his eyes and stood there stoically, kicking the dust until she was done.
Mama sat incubating for long stretches, stoically looking out to the river.

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We may suspect that makers of jokes and smart remarks resemble poets at least in this, that they too would be excluded f... more
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