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Example sentences for stock market

Today's stock market has become a world of automated transactions executed at lightning speed.
The same sort of self-selection occurs in gambling and investing in the stock market.
If putting money in the stock market was more dangerous, less people would lose money doing it because less people would do it.
Insurance companies and even the stock market play a role too.
The stock market trembles at the approach of new quarterly figures.
They were not even the cause of the stock market crash.
Whenever the stock market or housing prices rise, many households may feel that they're saving enough.
Half of families aren't personally investing in the stock market.
The stock market closed, as did the commodities markets.
We've certainly been through a major crisis, but over the long term the stock market seems to grow fairly reliably.
But that's not a bad shorthand description of what's happened to the stock market over the past few weeks.
Although the stock market is reasonably priced, investors aren't exactly throwing money at new companies.
Meanwhile, the stock market's ability to continue to rally will depend on the strength of the economic recovery.
Companies are hiring more, the stock market is rising, factories are busy and more people are buying cars.
For yet another day, the stock market swung back and forth with ranges of hundreds of points.
But this year each has lost nearly half of its stock market value.
It was the latest day of quiet trading in the stock market.
It was another day of choppy trading in the stock market.
Recently, the stock market tumbled, out of fear of a more stringent policy adjustment.
Government debt affects the value of the local currency rather than stock market performance.
The stock market has many more participants now than it did during other disasters.
Growth, and with it the stock market, went into overdrive.
Unemployment, repossession and a falling stock market.
While low interest rates are fueling higher stock market multiples, this policy may haunt investors in the years ahead.
Monetary pumping in the depths of a depression does little more than boost the stock market.
It is not only good for the economy as whole but also for stock market.
When the overinflated stock market crashed so did all of these state pension funds.
However, the law of supply and demand works in the stock market as in any other market.
The stock market is ripe with speculators and insider traders.
Had the bubble not happened in housing it would have happened in the stock market or other areas.
Most insurance companies invest the money they collect in the stock market.
The struggling stock market is even hurting companies that haven't gone public yet.
Companies are using the strong stock market as a place to unload some units they've decided don't fit their strategies.
By launching a new stock market, the government hopes to boost high-tech startups.
But, still, on average they were down less than the stock market overall that year.
It's beginning to look as if the stock market is at record highs for good reason.
As tends to happen, yesterday's dramatic stock market decline has put some investors on edge.
Doing so now, while the economy sparkles and the stock market remains up for the year, is especially vexing.
It was a period in which the stock market crashed, and it collapsed the banking system.
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