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The coffee-and-water mixture is stirred and slowly heated over medium heat.
So many great hours spent there and this article stirred many memories.
They're lightweight and can be eaten fresh or stirred into couscous or other dishes, where they'll wilt nicely.
The sun is setting and the light is soft and stirred in reds and yellows.
So food cooked in a parabolic solar cooker might cook faster, but needs to be stirred and watched carefully.
They are monuments for spiritual travelers, who often came great distances, to gawk at and be stirred by.
The tiny bones have stirred controversy since they were first revealed and could alter understanding of early human evolution.
As the insects are stirred up, the cattle egrets following the livestock catch and feed upon them.
Nostrils pinched to block out water, an adult hippo stands in a wreath of dung stirred by its footsteps.
It's so big that its sweet biscuit topping has to be stirred with canoe paddles.
Turning a crank stirred the ingredients and made the ice cream freeze smoothly.
Lower the heat, add the well-stirred potato flour to the sauce, stirring as it thickens.
At the same time the anti-globalisation and green movements have stirred a consumer backlash against a surfeit of choice.
Although the run-off itself was largely peaceful, the result quickly stirred unrest in the loser's camp.
The collapse of talks and the eruption of violence have stirred up bitter memories, thwarted hopes and rage.
They may not have moved markets, but they certainly stirred hearts.
Producing the hydrates requires mixing natural gas with water in a continuously stirred tank reactor.
During the first of the boiling stirring is unnecessary, but when nearly cooked, it should be constantly stirred.
Strange to say, the breath of the new era first faintly stirred those who had been in the thick of the fight.
They waded into the pond and stirred up the mud with their feet, so as to make the water unfit to drink.
The road from the station to the main campus is lined with cherry trees, and my feet stirred up little puffs of white petals.
The road sign came as a surprise, and stirred a memory.
If the reader or the listener is stirred by memory, the poet has been stirred by something else.
OJ in the news again stirred up a lot of memories.
Inside their carefully constructed habitat, the golden pair stirred.
We mashed the rutabagas and stirred them full of buttery sunlight.
But what makes this soup is the pistou that's stirred in before serving-it really packs a punch.
Stirred into the dough and sprinkled on top, the herb has a definite but not overpowering presence.
The cranberries must never be stirred from the time they are placed on the fire.
She blew the embers into a blaze, and stirred the beans with a crude wooden spoon.
The drone program, for all its tactical successes, has stirred deep ethical concerns.
One used a medicine dropper to add lavender into the beige liquid, while another stirred the drops in.
He ascribed the stirred-up hysteria to the election calendar.
Story starts to begin serial career, and public gets stirred up.
Ana had only stirred a little when he turned on the lamp.
Sticking out were the bird's tail and its wire-thin feet, which stirred slightly-strange flowers in a strange vase.
The wind paused, and presently stirred the foliage again.
Civic organizations have been stirred by this and other evidence that the wickedness of a country village is creep- ing in.
Suddenly, a movement went through the crowd, as though a tide stirred in it.
However, wherever the astronauts walked they stirred up the lunar dust, creating dark spots.
The news report stirred up considerable controversy among physicists.
The gas is getting stirred up, slammed by the stellar winds.
The place neuron stirred and broke out in a burst of signals--over and over again.
Within the last ten years the science of signal processing has undergone a revolution, one stirred up largely by wavelets.
They'll give attention to any item that agitates people and gets them stirred up.
Funny it's your take on a silly movie that got me stirred up enough to write this screed.
Not a single muscle stirred in his clear, sardonic face.
Rarely is a brief paragraph so succinctly fair in matters that have stirred up volumes of debate and partisan distortion.
Publication of his discovery in a scientific journal stirred up hardly a ripple, and he did little more about it.
She was stirred only by the pathos of what vanishes.
It may be enough to say that his imagination has not been stirred, his heart is still in the old place.
Communism stirred to life again only when another propitious source of power arose on the political horizon.

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