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Example sentences for stir

Sometimes you have to get out there and stir things up to make real change.
All four governors have caused a stir by taking on public-sector unions.
Remove from the heat and stir in the blueberries, banana, and creamer.
Add the alligator meat, stir well, taste and adjust seasonings.
Add sugar and cream and stir over high heat until mixture is boiling.
Certain words can shake the blogosphere in much the same way earthquakes stir the planet.
If you study living people who stir up controversial things overseas, this story is about you.
Not even insects stir in the heat of the austral summer.
Add chicken and stir gently to keep pieces from sticking together.
When you stir a cup of coffee you add heat to it though the heat is miniscule.
Her dress caused a stir when the press glimpsed a photograph of her modeling it days before the ball.
Mix with chopped tomatoes for a bruschetta topping, toss into a spinach-feta salad, or stir into polenta.
The anticipation of its arrival creates quite a stir.
Several other questions about endowments also continue to stir debate.
Reporting is a way to stir up material to take into the chamber with you and turn into smoke.
Stir for five more minutes, then add the rice and stir to coat well.
Anything to stir up emotions and set people against each other, instead of working to craft legislation.
Put the sugar into the milk with the vanilla, and stir till it is dissolved.
Stir or beat into butter mixture until well incorporated.
But if you forget to stir the chili while you're playing with your knife, it'll burn.
Stir in the reserved chard, and add more water if needed to give the stew a moist yet not soupy consistency.
Either could stir up opposition to his rule, perhaps even within the army.
Stir and let them sizzle for a few moments to release their aroma.
Stir the mixture to mix and either serve immediately or chill in the refrigerator.
Stir a handful of quartered, pitted cherries and toasted sliced almonds into pancake batter.
Pour the egg mixture back into the saucepan, and stir in one cup of heavy cream.
Exactly how much freedom of speech to grant on campus, and to whom, can stir heated debates.
When you are in trouble over one thing, cause a stir over another.
Mix sour cream with flour and stir in with the sauce.
The hug a tree people would try to set aside land and stir up a lot of trouble.
Stir in a controlled-release fertilizer to provide a steady supply of nutrients.
Stir well until the design represents the consistency of a smooth batter.
Pour yogurt mixture over salmon-vegetable mixture and stir until well-combined.
The government may make some progress on social policy, but will skirt issues that could stir up sectarian disputes.
Add mixture to broth and rice mixture, and barely stir into soup.
To make sure they dry thoroughly and don't stick together, stir twice a day.
Stir the seeds to coat them with oil, then spread them out evenly over the bottom of the baking pan.
Add milk to beaten egg and stir into the dry mixture to make a soft dough.
Turn off the heat and stir in the peanut butter and vanilla until smooth.
Mix in the curry powder and stir to coat the vegetables.
Bring to a boil, and stir until all cranberries have burst and liquid becomes thick.
Stir while heating until mixture is warm and smooth.
But my purpose is not to stir up controversy but to quell it.
Sprinkle instant potato flakes in pan to absorb the meat juices and stir well.
Add a solution of water and fluoride ions, and stir.
Pour in the tomatillo mixture and stir constantly for about five minutes, until thick and dark.
Stir the mixture frequently, and keep it over heat until the ingredients are fully melted and blended.
Add the oysters and their liquor and stir to combine.
Stir the baking soda, cornstarch, and water together in the saucepan.
Mix coconut milk with a thick red curry paste, stir and boil and stir for an hour, as it reduces and richens.
Its discovery would also cause a major stir in the astronomical world, he said.
The findings will likely stir the debate on animal self-awareness and the ethics of using them in experiments.
These acrobats stir up a pair of scarlet macaws that fly off in a red streak to a quieter tree.
Stir the mixture with a gloved hand or wooden spoon.
Otherwise, patrons rely on a battery of oscillating fans to stir the equatorial air as they hunch over their food.
Explain to students that environmental issues often stir controversy.
In muddy flats or shallow water, they use their long legs and webbed feet to stir up the bottom.
Stir in the intensive marketing of candy and fast food, and you have the makings of an epidemic.
She says she's short and often can't reach bowls to stir properly.
Stir two to six drops of your favorite essential oil into the mixture and mix well.
Stir or beat in flour and salt until dough is no longer crumbly and comes together in a ball.
It did create quite the stir on campus though, especially on the faculty side.
If you keep your mouth shut, you are unlikely to stir up controversy.
Because the bubbler does little more than stir the water, there's no need for a reservoir beneath the bowl.
It will start to dry out and thicken into a mound of dough as you continue to stir.
All rather complicated things, unlikely to stir up populism.
Remove from the heat and stir in the honey and lemon juice.
If the paint is too thick or lumpy, add a few drops of water and stir gently until thinned and smooth.
To achieve the right texture, stir in the filling from one strawberry jelly doughnut for each cup of juice.
Though they are rare, finding one would not normally cause much of a stir.
The touchscreen keyboard alone would stir up hatred amongst the tech writers of the world.
If you stir when the mixture is too hot or too cold, it will either stay soft or get too firm to cut neatly.
Stir and shake all the ingredients, adding the yeast last, then bottle.
It's hardly rhetoric to stir a firestorm, but the plot thickens.
There's almost no question that this is going to stir up the climate-change deniers.
They are clearly stir crazy and in need of some way of burning off some energy.
They should stir until the salt is completely dissolved.
When those big beasts walk, their feet stir up insects and other small animals on the ground.
After bringing to a boil, add rice and stir occasionally.
For the next few hours, cooks had to stir the cream and shake the ice.
Put all of the ingredients in a pot and stir constantly over medium heat.
Then, explain that they should put one sample in each test cup, stir and observe the effects.
The skull caused a stir among scientists, who felt that the lower jaw belonged to a different species, perhaps an ape.
It can easily be blanched, stir-fried or cooked up in chowder.
Inside, volunteers busily set tables, stir boiling pots and dish out plates of food they've been planning and preparing for weeks.
They are objects of human craft, and they stir human attachments.
Pour in water and soy sauce, and stir in sugar and hot pepper paste.
Take the words stir and rest for example, the meanings of which are opposites.
New parties often used angry rhetoric to stir up the sufferers from previous calamities.
Brown one-fourth cup butter, add one-fourth cup flour and stir together until well browned.
Shake pan to prevent oysters from adhering to pan, or stir with a fork.
Beat egg until light, add gradually sugar, and then stir in remaining ingredients.
Melt chocolate in a small saucepan placed over hot water, add sugar and water, and stir until smooth.
Stir, place on range, and heat gradually to boiling point.
The world is a great book of which they that never stir from home read only a page.
They had best not stir the rice, though it sticks to the pot.
Stir until sugar is dissolved, afterwards occasionally.
Turn into coffee-pot, pour on boiling water, and stir thoroughly.
Add milk slowly to flour, stir until smooth and well mixed.
Add one cup chopped cooked chicken, and stir until the mixture begins to thicken, then add one cup cream beaten until thick.
In subject and treatment, the poem was sufficiently novel to create some stir.
Let stand one hour, then stir vigorously for five minutes.
It is his unique distinction that he did not stir up any controversy.
Add oil gradually, at first drop by drop, and stir constantly.
Humour, pathos, and satire sought to stir the feelings of the public.
Meanwhile, new life began to stir in the universities.
But it's flu season, and influenza science has a way of causing a stir this time of year.
Giving out placebo birth control pills might cause a stir.
There lives are meaningless and useless and they want to stir the pot so they have something to do.
Make some cold, make some hot and when you want the juice, stir them together.
Cook garlic and oil in a pot on low heat till brown, stir constantly.
Pour flower preservative into a water-filled tub, stir, then drop in the foam ring.
Bring to a simmer, then remove from heat and stir into tomato mixture.
Pods are tasty in stir fries, and they add crunch to salads.
The price of stir-frying and dressing a salad has rarely been higher.
The species is frequently used in stir-fries and is often added to soups.
If such a test were to take place it would, regardless of how successful it was, cause a stir around the world.
Local politicians on the coast find it all too easy to stir resentment against the relatively affluent outsiders.
Stir this mixture back into the soup to give it a creamy consistency.
It would also allow experts to collect detailed information on what causes volcanoes to stir.
Meals of stir-fried vegetables, sweet potatoes, and tofu are high in nutrients and low in calories.
Mix any accent materials, if using them, into the bin with the paper pulp and stir until they are well distributed.
Stir the mixture until the oil coats all the ingredients.
Pour liquid into a bowl and stir in several heaping spoonfuls of the pumpkin seeds until you arrive at a thickened consistency.
The skull caused a stir amongst scientists, who felt that the lower jaw belonged to a different species, perhaps an ape.
The start of the clinical trials is likely to stir hopes of a big payday among investors.
When the liquid cooks off, cover with wine and stir.
Cook and stir for several minutes, until nuts are lightly browned.
Stir this into the cherries and stir until everything is evenly combined.
Immediately add butter to stop the caramel from cooking, and stir to incorporate.
In a mixing bowl using a wooden spoon, stir together the dry ingredients.
Put buttermilk and baking soda in a small bowl and stir until foaming stops.
In a large bowl, stir together cookie mix and cake flour.
Stir well with a clean wooden spoon and stir well again after each addition.
As the chocolate begins to melt, stir more frequently until the mixture is smooth.
In a small bowl, stir the yogurt cheese and mint together.
Remove the syrup from the heat, fish out the vanilla bean, and stir in the nuts.
The extreme social transformations of this century have caused hardly any stir.
Remove half the mixture and puree in a food processor, then return it to the pot and stir well.
The sugars in the tomato paste can easily scorch, so it is important to stir often.
After about three to four minutes use a whisk and continue to stir as it heats up.
Stir the chocolate frequently with a rubber spatula until melted.
In a liquid measuring cup, stir together the milk and both extracts.
In three-quart sauce pan, add one tablespoon vegetable oil in heavy skillet and stir in two tablespoons of flour.
Stir in enough matzo meal to make a light, soft mixture that will hold its shape.
It's going to get thicker in a minute gradually stir in four ounces or so of ground semolina.
All this stir and change showed up in the magazine, of course.
The event caused a stir that developed into a storm of renown, though it attracted no immediate buyers.
Railing against a banned book that few here have managed to obtain and read is an easy way to stir up populist fervor.
Pour into a large bowl and stir in other ingredients.
On its own, the book might have caused a small stir.
There are writers, a few of them, who stir an immediate personal response.
Yet despite all this stir there has been singularly little study of a detached historical nature.
But stir him up and the fire of genius plays on every feature.
And from time to time, some new evidence surfaces to stir the popular imagination.
They are in many ways unimaginable, exaggerated, but their stories stir us.
His seriousness, excellence, eccentricity stir my feelings.
Stir in hot water, sugar, and lemon zest and juice until sugar has dissolved.
Stir together mirin, miso, and sesame oil until smooth.
Add yolk mixture to well and gently stir with a fork, gradually pulling in flour closest to egg mixture to make a paste.
Stir together flour, brown sugar, and a pinch of salt in a small bowl.
Stir in lentils, broth, and remaining tablespoon mustard and cook until heated through.
Bring to warm room temperature and stir before using.
Add lemon juice and stir vigorously with pestle to incorporate.
Stir in vermouth and tomatoes, scraping up any brown bits from bottom of skillet.
Put remaining flour in a large bowl and stir in salt and sugar.
Stir together lemon juice and cornstarch, then stir into blueberry mixture.
Stir in peas and some of the cooking water if dish seems dry.
Stir vegetables into peas along with the ham bone and broth.
He argues that even a six-mile-wide asteroid could not stir up enough dust to create a global shroud.
Bacterial armies emit molecular war cries to stir others of their kind to action.
Hurricanes stir up ocean waves and may contribute to the planet's overall hum.
The reason these elements are causing such a stir is not their scarcity but their inaccessibility.
Scars from chickenpox, for example, may not stir the same emotions as scars from combat.
There can be few issues that are more guaranteed to stir an emotional reaction in a reader.
Stir in remaining ingredients and bring all to a boil.
In a medium-sized bowl, stir together the five dry ingredients.
Stir in sugar, honey and vanilla, then drizzle over oat mixture.

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