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Example sentences for stipend

The government doesn't require him to work, though he might take a job to supplement his yearly stipend of rice.
The homeless get a monthly stipend from the city and state governments, and free food from religious groups.
The district will still pay the coach's stipend, but parents will have to step in.
The faculty are given course release time to edit the journal and a small stipend.
It will include a stipend, relocation funds, and health benefits.
That's no small amount, particularly for those of us who have been living on a graduate student stipend for however many years.
Part of the conditions for receiving my grad school stipend hinged on my not working at another job.
In many cases they receive free tuition and sometimes a stipend.
They can skip the required military service, can obtain reserved spots in the universities and also receive a small stipend.
The stipend is payable during the course of study and during vacation periods when members are not on active duty.

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