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Example sentences for stint

After a stint as a public responsibility, they are now migrating back.
And, perhaps surprisingly, the cell survives its stint as part of the laser.
Perhaps you're a keen judge of character after a long stint working in sales.
Bacteria can change into more infectious and deadly organisms after a stint in space, a new experiment suggests.
It does tend to stint on the biological confirmations of the models, though.
So don't stint on the description of teaching in your letter.
Reward for tenure usually involved a three-year stint of significantly increased administrative responsibilities.
But if you want to move out of academe, for example, you might use your sabbatical to do a stint in a private-sector job.
Furthermore, the average job stint for college presidents is growing, while that of provosts is shrinking.
Fortunately, my military stint allowed me to visit many parts of the world which were an education unto itself.
First there was his work-release stint at a kosher pizza parlor.
His ambition was to be a painter, but a stint at art school left him dissatisfied with his talent.
After a stint as a magician, he enrolled in a computer course.
Connor spent a stint in a rehab facility and, after her discharge, copped to alcoholism and cocaine use.
He also served a stint as acting supervisor in the aquatic species and regulatory affairs unit.
As his stint progresses, he realizes he cannot continue to rely on his old ways of thinking and functioning.

Famous quotes containing the word stint

Rose, harsh rose, marred and with stint of petals, meager flower, thin, sparse of leaf,... more
We have nothing to fear and a great deal to learn from trees, that vigorous and pacific tribe which without stint<... more
There is ... but one response possible from us: Force, Force to the uttermost, Force without stint or limit... more
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