stinking in a sentence

Example sentences for stinking

Stinking bogs the size of swimming pools block the way.
We had to tiptoe across a field of steaming fumaroles and stinking, burping mud pots.
The leather straps and layer on top of the foot bed makes them comfortable and keeps them from stinking.
It was as stifling as before, but he eagerly drank in the stinking, dusty town air.
He turned off the main road and into the sandy, stinking parking lot of a roadside café.
They explode mere feet above the heads of the audience, loading our hair with stinking airbursts of chemical cinders.
Excrement lies stinking on staircases, even in fairly modern offices.
The only thing worse than a huge stinking pit of manure may be a huge stinking and foaming pit of manure that blows up the barn.
Or even worse, having the pod arrive with a big pile of stinking brown stuff left on the seat.
Trucks with tires as tall as an elephant slop through the stinking, oil-fouled mud, dumping new loads with an unceremonious crash.
Everyone who lives around this stinking toilet is affected by it.
Vast drifts of stinking rubbish sit on street corners.
It's the old mushroom philosophy alive and well and stinking.
In some cities uncollected rubbish is piling up in stinking heaps.
But around it is a ring of inner suburbs stinking of poverty.
Myth-based cultures have been around for a lot longer than the fact-based cultures of the stinking, hippy scientists.
And she is no longer picking rags off a stinking garbage heap for virtually nothing.
We don't need no stinking committee, no stinking guidance, no stinking steps.
We stink these days but we're going to start stinking less.
Stinking old sailing whalers have given way to stinking little steamers.
Of course, there's another answer too: that perhaps my father's beliefs are none of my stinking business.

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