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Dairy farms smell, but chicken farms stink, especially in the mid-afternoon heat.
Apparently the fruit's sweet, creamy center is a treasure worth pursuing if you can bear the stink and get past the spiky husk.
The crew was ordered to the higher decks and armed with smoke bombs and bottles of butyric acid, which are mega stink bombs.
When a group of bed bugs gets disturbed, you may get a whiff of that odor, which is similar to the odor stink bugs give off.
The stink of exhaust, the mind-numbing tedium of traffic, parking lots blighting central city real estate.
It is these amino-acid-eaters that cause feet to stink.
The second reason coaches stink at making decisions on fourth down is that they stink at statistics.
They remain calm in his presence but grow consternated when they catch the stink of a stranger.
Everyone knows that dead animals begin to rot and stink as bacteria break down their meat and give off toxic chemicals.
Both parties could get away with this policy as long as no one made a stink about it.
You'd think that a borrower that added billions more to its debt each week would be getting the stink eye from lenders.
And if you clean up messes, you know, your hands stink because you've got to touch a lot of nasty stuff.
Lex, if you think burros don't stink, you need to get out to the farm more often.
Push a boat into the knee-deep lake and the mud raises a stink of sewage.
The house would stink long after churning day, acrid as a sulphur mine.
Skunks and zorilles mimic the sulfurous, anoxic stink of a swamp.
When you stink, it's a devastating feeling and it hurts everybody around you.
Because his family has money and is making a big stink, it is ruled a homicide.
In cotton, stink bugs are primary pests responsible for millions of dollars in losses and cost of control.
Stink bug eggs were parasitized by five different species of wasps.
Whoever sells or offers for sale a stink bomb shall be punished by a fine of not less than ten nor more than two hundred dollars.

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