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Example sentences for stingy

Don't be shy about asking for help, and don't be stingy about offering your own help to others.
If you want the blame to be shared when things go wrong, don't be stingy about sharing credit when they succeed.
Likewise, players who experienced stingy strategies were more likely to be stingy themselves.
If police departments are usually stingy with their information, housing departments are even more so.
It's not that the land has been stingy with string beans, tomatoes or cabbage.
It had an offset saltbox roof and blue clapboard siding and stingy little sash windows that were good for conserving heat.
The company's stingy approach to oil exploration means you can count on high gas prices to stick around.
If government was too thrifty before, it looks downright stingy in the light of new information.
People whose houses face demolition complain about stingy compensation.
If anything, it seems at times providers may be a dollar short and a day late, and kind of stingy in the provision of care.
Many businesses have not yet shed the outdated view that the mature market is made up of stingy old-timers set in their ways.
Dividend cuts would not help much: these firms sensibly stuck to stingy payout policies.
Such official contributions will go on, especially if the public gets more stingy.
They had donation rankings, and sent out letters that named and shamed anyone who proved stingy.
With the crisis in the nation's financial industry, lenders are becoming more stingy with extending credit to applicants.
Many teachers told stories of colleagues and parents who were stingy with their support, encouragement and involvement.
Finances were always a problem because he served a stingy queen.
Also, commercial markets in general tend to be stingy.

Famous quotes containing the word stingy

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