stingray in a sentence

Example sentences for stingray

To prevent detection by suspects, the stingray sends the data to a real tower so that traffic continues to flow.
The stingray's tail features a poisonous barb, which is used only in self-defense.
The blue-spotted stingray has sharp barbs on its tail.
It was killed within hours of its birth by a stingray in the same tank.
The fish are also harmless and do not possess the poisonous barb found in some of their cousins, including some stingray species.
Events can include the stingray touch pool, penguin and stingray feeding and sea otter training.
The stingray lagoon lets visitors feed and touch the animals under the guidance of an animal-care expert.
From the splendorous coral reefs teeming with colorful reef denizens and fascinating stingray.
Other displays include a fishing tackle collection and a stingray touch tank.
Daily programs include a stingray program and feeding, game fish feeding and a summer camp.
Shuffling your feet as you walk through shallow water can help you avoid stepping on a stingray.
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