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In some countries, economic stimulus programs may have been a factor in motivating change.
The device requires training the brain to decipher the implant's stimulus and does not replace or completely restore hearing.
If the problem is a lack of demand, policies that boost demand-fiscal stimulus, aggressive monetary policy-will help.
Take the fiscal stimulus package-eight hundred billion dollars.
At the same time, it seems likely that projects funded through the federal stimulus package will get underway this year.
Indirectly, that vital stimulus alone deserves some accolade.
The drugged minnows appeared lethargic and took twice as long to react to stimulus, making them much more vulnerable to predators.
There is a window of less than a tenth of a second in which a stimulus from one sense can affect the others.
Neuroscientists have determined that the memory of a fear stimulus triggers dramatic changes in the vital signs of rats.
Reminds me of the experiment where a dolphin was supposed to respond to some stimulus with a whistle.
The second was in the debate over whether to propose further rounds of stimulus.
At the same time, the industry's travails are serving as a stimulus.
Of course, intellectual fashion can be a stimulus rather than an impediment to learning.
The bang for the buck-the amount of stimulus per dollar of deficit-was astonishingly low.
The president must persuade voters that he can cut the deficit in the long term as he highlights short-term stimulus and tax cuts.
To make the case for a big stimulus package, they released their economic forecast for the next few years.
Additional stimulus could increase the pace above its comfort level.
When you stare at an image, the neurons in your retina eventually adapt to this unchanging stimulus and stop responding to it.
WE have spent trillions on bail outs and stimulus checks.
Thus, the lack of the stimulus rather than the presence of it is the cause of risk-taking and recklessness.
Perhaps evolution requires stimulus by way of demands of environment and may be other factors too.
Everybody is brought up differently- each individual has his or her own environment with his or her own stimulus.
In fact, they do not always respond in the same manner to the same stimulus.
There are many more factors that are affected by emotional and intellectual stimulus.
We see environmentalists making money off stimulus, subsidies, and political favors.
On top of that, she signalled her willingness to support fiscal stimulus in the euro zone.
The best insurance against protectionism, however, is macroeconomic stimulus.
Apart from anything else, it is not clear that yet more monetary stimulus would have created many new jobs.
To a large degree, poorly designed stimulus, only prolongs the pain.
For all the monetary and fiscal stimulus applied to the economy, the recovery has been a disappointment.
For the past two years the stimulus bill has propped up state governments.
He also announced the end of tax breaks on cars and white goods that made up part of last year's stimulus package.
Withdrawing the stimulus in an election year shows welcome political maturity.
Each nation's stimulus plan should embrace open markets, even if some foreigners will benefit.
He wants to shift from the demand-side stimulus pursued so far to structural reform.
Furthermore, some of the growth is due to one-off government stimulus measures.
He says that additional short-term stimulus won't help, if it's financed by raising taxes in the short-term.
Clean energy benefited from billions in stimulus funding.
Less certain is the effect of the auto bailouts and the stimulus package.
People argue over the size of the president's fiscal stimulus, but the real problem was its shape.
After the collapse of the tech bubble, the economy needed a stimulus.
Expanding this program through the stimulus bill will help ensure these entrepreneurs are not left behind in the credit crunch.

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