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His distraught family pricked the limp body of their firstborn with needles to try to stimulate a response.
Some good must come of it all-it must stimulate the hotel business-but it's also a blight.
The idea was not so much to solve the scooter's stability problem as to stimulate new ways of thinking about it.
The small disc also plays back parents' recorded voices to stimulate in utero learning.
One major challenge was to find a way to stimulate only the feed element.
Its new color-screen iPod can't help but stimulate interest in the device.
Our goal on this tenth anniversary is to stimulate personal memories.
Some scientists are trying to inject signaling molecules into the eye to stimulate light-collecting photoreceptor cells to regrow.
But while we're at it, no they don't stimulate the economy.
The activator also has the ability to stimulate neighboring cells to convert precursor into activator.
Nevertheless, the vast majority of antibiotics used on farms today are added to animal feed solely to stimulate growth.
If you bring a primary coil near the device, you inductively stimulate current flows.
If this research produces a successful treatment it will not only bring joy to millions, but it will also stimulate the economy.
Aluminum is used in a salt form to stimulate the immune response, meaning less of the vaccine is needed.
Peptides stimulate collagen production and thicken skin.
If the goal is to stimulate the economy by boosting the purchasing power of low-income workers, there are better solutions.
Introverts can stay to themselves but still receive energy from those who exude it, for it can stimulate thinking and feeling.
Different media designs stimulate different potentials in human nature.
Pairing the right wine with a meal can round out flavors and stimulate conversation.
But the lower prices could also stimulate demand for what are now expensive technologies.
Other leading countries must do more to stimulate their own demand.
It might also stimulate discussion, even controversy.
The tax break aims to stimulate investment, and it seems to be working.
With no more room to go, it has to find another route to stimulate demand.
The project will support successful small firm's expansion which in turn will create new jobs and stimulate the local economy.
Lower taxes stimulate the economy, and raising taxes in a recession is a nearly sure-fire way of deepening the recession.
Two years of unprecedented federal spending to stimulate the economy will have fattened agency budgets.
Clearly, they help to stimulate discussion and marshal action, and they let governments trawl for and test proposals.
Big rate cuts were meant to bolster confidence in the face of uncertainty as much as stimulate demand.
Exercise, in other words, failed to stimulate their recycling mechanism.
The streets are clean, and shops are stuffed with organic food to stimulate the brain.
Today's devices, which are routinely implanted, can stimulate the auditory nerve across a broad range of frequencies.
Since the financial crisis arrived, he has showed he is prepared to ditch that to stimulate a slowing economy.
The role of these exhibitions is to showcase contemporary art, attract affluent tourists and stimulate local culture.
Lower long-term interest rates stimulate activity elsewhere in the economy.
Another is that patents can delay innovation as well as stimulate it.
Meanwhile strenuous efforts are under way to stimulate disc sales.
But, crucially, the plan combines fiscal tightening with measures to stimulate growth.
Raise the retirement age, for instance, and that leaves more room to stimulate growth in the short term.
Bosses bemoaned the downturn and demanded free radio spectrum to stimulate the industry.
So car-sharing will stimulate short-term demand for new cars while threatening a proportion of carmakers' longer-term sales.
But that would stimulate a private trade in e-mailed articles.
The deficits do not seem to be big enough to stimulate economic growth.
They also want to know exactly how viral infections stimulate production of the molecules.
Politicians have rigged trade to stimulate domestic production.
In order to stimulate more business traffic, airlines have been cutting fares to some destinations and launching fare sales.
To stimulate the economy, all it had to do was to remove those restraints.
They merely act to stimulate innovation by guaranteeing a market to things that actually work.
These are important, he argues, but they do little to stimulate the economy in the short term.
She endorsed the idea that they would stimulate investment in clean technology.
Decongestants stimulate receptors located on the same vessels to cause constriction and lessen the congestion.
It is interesting that the brain may stimulate an immune response, probably from the pituitary or the glia cells directly.
The devices could also receive power through magnetic induction and send out mild shocks that stimulate the muscle into action.
And areas surrounding the stroma produce growth factors that may stimulate the epithelium to turn cancerous, she adds.
In that model the bugs were exposed to low concentration so formaldehyde to stimulate the production of a protective protein coat.
The oxygen byproduct is a bonus, as would be the use of low voltage currents to stimulate new growth in coral reefs, for example.
Since animals rely overwhelmingly on their sense of smell, then chemical odors would stimulate the production of dopamine.
The ability of alcohol and caffeine to stimulate the dopamine system may be one factor contributing to their use.
Oxygen is not given to stimulate the breathing reflex.
The photons will stimulate other atoms to fall to a lower energy level, which in turn releases additional microwave photons.
They stimulate people and get them to think out of the box, leading to new discoveries and new definitions of old ones.
Buying a motorbike will stimulate the economy, as will buying an electric bicycle.
Over a trillion dollars was invested to stimulate the economy.
In actual fact, proteins and fats both stimulate insulin production.
The article does stimulate some contemplation of media bias and subsequent plagiarism.
In the study of kinetics, relative centers of gravity stimulate the development of anatomical structures.
Governments should be structure taxation to stimulate scientific research.
In an effort to stimulate future growth, he sold off some state-owned enterprises and invited foreign investment.
The procedure is also supposed to soothe aches and pains and stimulate the metabolism, according to the hotel.
In a frantic effort to preserve jobs, officials are trying to stimulate the domestic economy to make up for lost export growth.
As in any downturn, tax revenues shrank but government spending increased to stimulate sagging economies.

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