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For a long time past, the chief mischief of the legal penalties is that they strengthen the social stigma.
Despite the stigma faced by hybrids, they are not barred from eventually becoming pure breeds.
Eventually these grains come to rest on another flower's stigma, a tiny pollen receptor.
In the school's library, students seem to feel no social stigma as they select the easiest books.
Without a voice deaf females face a triple stigma: gender, poverty and disability.
It's a bunch of grown-ups making wearable art out of prophylactics in hopes of eradicating the stigma surrounding condom use.
Behind the metal-detector stigma are thoughtful people seeking some atypical thrills.
With horror or movies of the supernatural, there is still a stigma in the critical community.
If they changed the shape of their eyes, there would be a social stigma.
For one thing, status and stigma continue to influence organ transplantation at the ground level.
Alcohol is celebrated constantly in our culture and psychiatric drugs still have a stigma attached to them.
Hearing aids help millions of people, but many resist them because they think wearing one carries a social stigma.
Sometimes it is desirable for people to be free of fear of reprisal or stigma in order to invoke honest opinions.
The stigma for mental illness is still going strong, and this is certainly part of it.
Moreover, their fear of social stigma to break and be out of an unfit marriage is fading away drastically.
Raising the social stigma against smoking helped to curb the practice, as did higher taxes on cigarettes.
We need to remove the stigma from the vocational track and treat all of it as higher education.
Some may see a design with some residual stigma left over from the previous version.
It's a stigma that could make it harder to sell your home, as a buyer may not believe the foundation is stable.
Even the fund admits there is a stigma to borrowing from it.
Famous actors and directors distrust a platform that carries only slightly less stigma than a straight-to-video release.
But the industry rejects the stigma of commodity status.
Stigma and discrimination aimed at overweight individuals are rampant.
There is a market, a focused and lucrative market, once the stigma of the sport being in its demise is lifted.
Another key factor that permits maltreatment is stigma.
Divorce is a stigma that says somebody failed somewhere.
Above all, it is a portrait etched in truth and without the stigma of calculated viciousness.
Players who bounce from school to school carry a bigger stigma with each stop.

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Any stigma, as the old saying is, will serve to beat a dogma.... more
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