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We all had a friendly chuckle over it, and for fixing the typo he rewarded us with a bumper sticker.
Another interesting point that comments about this often miss is that universities don't really charge the sticker price.
These costs are now dropping, he added, but sticker shock remains a drawback.
Government incentives will help ease sticker shock for early adopters of electric cars.
Affiliation, of course, means more than a sticker in the window.
If you want the raw sequence data, and are willing to put your own labor hours into it, you can get it for a lower sticker price.
And that's more tangible good than a shiny gold sticker any day.
Of course, orders this big enjoy substantial, undisclosed discounts from the sticker price.
It's not the kind of thing you can put on a bumper sticker, either.
One might suspect that production costs vary enough to justify different sticker prices.
Or consumers could buy a product from a store, attach an address sticker and drop it in a mailbox.
The sticker shock doesn't end with the cost of tickets, however.
Your car's build date can be found on a sticker affixed to the driver-side door jamb.
It acted as a hugely successful bumper sticker, long before there were bumpers.
But if your hearing starts to fade, get ready for sticker shock and frustration.
Order a duplicate registration window sticker and receipt online.
Free parking is provided only to vehicles displaying a disability placard with a yellow free-parking sticker.
The vehicle's inspection and registration are due in the same month indicated by the sticker.
The sticker is placed on the license plate in the lower-right corner of the rear plate.
Emanuel refuses to weigh in on city sticker flap, protest settlement.
Vehicles with the sticker can enter and leave the city for free.
Behind the bar, there's a bumper sticker that was temporarily stapled up last spring for laughs.

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