stewing in a sentence

Example sentences for stewing

Spend a weekend stewing, away from friends and family.
Now critics are stewing over speculators again, thanks to rising prices in everything from oil to metals and grains.
Stewing meat for long periods over low heat breaks down collagen and other connective tissues.
New protein-based pharmaceuticals are often made by stewing cells in big vats.
But it was something, and it was better than sitting at home stewing.
The bus in bundles on the roof, no patient peasants waiting outside or stewing inside.
These are things that are brewing and stewing at the bottom.
Each of us, in his own way, was stewing in his own juices.
Talk over differences rather than stewing over them.
Distraction is usually a good respite when one is stewing about world crises and one's husband's career.
To make the pie she had to start by stewing what she called an old hen.
Imagine staying in all day, stewing in your own juices.
When aluminium pans became popular, stewing rhubarb was discovered to have another bonus: it cleaned the pans beautifully.
Both braising and stewing are slow, moist, low-temperature cooking methods that tenderize tough cuts.
They sat stewing in the streets, where residents breathed them in lethal doses.
Now is the howl of monkeys, the smell of curry stewing, the taste of mango pulled from a tree.
The meat of larger rabbits may be tougher so the best methods of cooking are braising or stewing.
Express your anger as soon as possible so that you aren't left stewing.
Shoulder blade roasts and other tough cuts are best cooked slowly over low, moist heat, such as by braising and stewing.
Moist heat methods include crock pots, stew roasting, stewing and pot roasting.
Select a fowl for this purpose and prepare it as for stewing.
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