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The stew of hostilities is typical of civil wars, however.
When losses occur participants are left to stew silently.
Serve the stew in large bowls with a couple slices of bread on top.
Others go with chicken, either roasted and stuffed with coconut-flavored rice or in a stew.
Tomatoes, white wine, and a satisfying medley of seafood make this hearty stew a great go-to for special entertaining.
But there are plenty of ways to give your sauce, soup or stew that extra umami kick without changing the basic flavor.
The stew here really isn't one, although the appearance and taste are close.
We stew and obsess and make tiny things into giant ones.
In our quest for energy to heat homes and run machinery, humans are pumping a stew of dangerous chemicals into the air and water.
It's an apt metaphor for what's on offer here: a stew of the high-brow and the surreal.
In the new shopping universe, it will all be part of the stew that's you.
Artichokes add a real earthiness to this hearty weeknight stew that's a snap to throw together.
The following day, reheat the stew and adjust seasoning with additional salt and pepper.
He likes the shows to stew in their own juices before he takes them to the studio.
Create a rich stew with a blend of familiar flavors.
She ate two big soup bowls full of stew and an entire dinner plate of rice.
It comes with slaw, stew, and bread to sop up the stew.
The land crab stew was tangy and thick, but not to heavy.
Savory beef stew and lemony lentils are made for sharing.
Serve your favorite stew or chili over oven-warmed cooked polenta slices.
If you're hankering for stew, you can always throw a few cubes of pumpkin into the pot.
Others, such as hot dogs and beef stew, are sealed in microbe-blocking plastic bags.
Never mind that the presentation isn't completely perfect-the egg, mixing in with the earthy mushroom stew, is delicious.
Yet beneath this upper crust of high culture there simmers a less appetizing stew.
The slow cooker releases the juices of chicken legs and vegetables to make a savory stew.
It blends a savory stew of ingredients that, when whisked together, create a wondrously tasty and visually stunning dish.
On the plate they had served him were pork and beef croquettes and stew.
There are pots of stew bubbling and, on every table, hand sanitizer to ward off cholera.
So you end up having this kind of toxic stew where your actual activity doesn't match your ambition.
Verjuice can enhance the flavor of any kind of soup or stew, particularly those using rich red meats.
The control stew was kept the same length of time in low temperature storage.

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