steroid in a sentence

Example sentences for steroid

One of them, a steroid with the scent of sandalwood, seems to calm the mildly anxious.
He has put extra judiciary killings on steroid, even violating the sovereignty of unwilling nations.
For several months, she also received epidural steroid injections, but her discomfort persisted.
They have no oversight into what actually happens in the ring, and they are encouraging steroid use.
Treatment includes suppression of immune activity with steroid hormones.
Steroid use is fraught with side effects, however, so the hunt for alternatives has been relentless.
Giving prednisone, an immune-system-suppressing steroid, is a more long-term strategy.
But a new study finds that some of the performance benefits of steroid use may persist years after an athlete stops doping.
Examples are steroid hormones, thyroid hormones and melatonin.
If it's an allergic reaction, a vet can also administer a steroid shot for immediate relief.
It turned out to be an easily treated side effect of a prescription steroid she was taking.
Quite possibly it has to do with food source and steroid use in animals.
He spoke out against steroid use to local student-athletes.
On its face, the baseball steroid scandal is simple.
Scientists have long known that proteins called steroid receptors play a critical role in switching on hormone-responsive genes.
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