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Example sentences for sterilize

Even professor folks don't realize that over half of all tattoo parlors don't sterilize their equipment and reuse needles.
The method the team used to sterilize the males is too time-consuming for large-scale use in the field.
Sterilize her, so nothing competes for your living space.
During the last decade, they have come into use to sterilize some medical instruments.
Flame-sterilize the tap or chemically disinfect the tap.
Do not flame-sterilize if the tap is plastic or if aerators are attached.
Cold sterilization autoclaves use a cold sterilization liquid to sterilize the contents.
Take the precautions of not getting your students sick and sterilize everything when you are done.
The process for irradiating mail is the same process used to sterilize medical equipment.
So generally pH is not used to sterilize water for this reason.
Consumers should not attempt to sterilize the yarn, incinerate it, or throw it away because of the risk of further contamination.

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