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Example sentences for stereotyping

The stereotyping of feathered folk is behind me, as all stereotyping should be.
However, she ironically engages in the same kind of vicious stereotyping about her own people that she finds so.
Religious labelling slipped easily into ethnic stereotyping.
We don't so much disagree with his conclusions as feel we've been unnecessarily humiliated by stereotyping innuendo.
You'd spend half your time trying to explain the development of stereotyping across cultures.
The comment at the end of the article is nothing more than thinly veiled stereotyping of home-schoolers.
However, the manner in which the article was written champions gender stereotyping.
Please go and do your stereotyping somewhere far away from me.
Instead, let's focus on useful discourse from both sides sans the stereotyping more suited to a sorority rush party.
The research methods that this article outlines mean nothing, because they do not account for the effects of gender stereotyping.
Obviously, cultural stereotyping is an improbable explanation for this.
In stereotyping patients, physicians may be diminishing them.
The innocence of gender stereotyping faded in the face of the long-term limitations inherent in our lack of skill.
The complaint of stereotyping is one made by educators in both countries.
The problem was more than a matter of superficial stereotyping.
The multimillion dollar campaign features the personal stories of members who defy stereotyping.
When it comes to practicing medicine, stereotyping often works.
The stereotyping of sharks as evil is so rampant in our culture that they've become a metaphor for malevolence.
Cognitive attributes of social stereotyping and generalizing to inhumane levels may be environmental adaptations to this limit.
Great job of stereotyping every football player in the country.
The wealthy are an easy target for stereotyping because, as you say, they are relatively rare and not well understood.
Suarez shows exactly the kind of arrogant stereotyping that has led to this article.
There's a word for stereotyping people on the basis of race, it's right there on the tip of my tongue.
The stereotyping is pretty severe, but otherwise the show is not bad.
So let's avoid that particular stereotyping, please.
But now he has to fight the stereotyping imposed by censors.

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