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Anyone hiring these days would do well to reject any negative stereotypes about people between jobs.
Teachers should show a beer commercial and unveil its gender stereotypes.
Off the battlefield the samurai also confounds stereotypes.
Yet shattering stereotypes and shedding fat is actually easy for this versatile omelet.
Stereotypes are wrong, yet there is a truth that underlies reality.
Stereotypes are usually the last thing to change in the face of contradictory evidence.
At the same time, those reading messages unconsciously interpret them based on their current mood, stereotypes and expectations.
Some of his findings cast further doubt on the stereotypes.
It's about time that all of us super-fly nerdy people bring down the typical stereotypes of what it means to be an intellectual.
People only write things that will get green-lit so they write to those stereotypes.
Again you are showing ignorance by throwing out unwarranted stereotypes.
Simply put, stereotype threat occurs when people are undermined by negative stereotypes about themselves.
One of the best things about the book is that it confounds stereotypes.
In the cartoon, the stereotypes embodied by each of the four human characters was comical and endearing.
On the rare occasions when they are forced to think about one another, they can usually dredge up a handful of stereotypes.
Over the past few decades, however, a series of studies has called these stereotypes into question.
Stereotypes are so wrong, but reality is what it is.
Now a big new study confirms some of those stereotypes.
It pays to look at every individual university, instead of making nationwide stereotypes.
Ask students to brainstorm a list of stereotypes about people's perceptions of sharks.
Community plays off stereotypes and clich├ęs, reinforcing and puncturing them at the same time.
In many ways, the college experience can provide a safe place for all students to examine their beliefs, fears and stereotypes.
In the end, errors of inattention in editing left some readers unhappy and gave new breath to old stereotypes.
However, basing the decision purely on stereotypes of age is not a great idea.
Throughout the war's long history, certain cultural stereotypes have endured.
Why would academics fall back on stereotypes to make a judgement.
Everyone likes to hold onto their outdated stereotypes.
Reason is always flawed by an individuals preconceptions and stereotypes.
His inversion of long-discredited stereotypes smacks unintentionally of nostalgia for faithful servants.
Under time pressure, negotiators tend to rely more on stereotypes and cognitive shortcuts.
Patronizing stereotypes of the people called upon to fight wars while the rest of us relax in a movie theater.
Somewhere along the line, those asking too many questions challenge stereotypes.
Many of those who write know conventions, stereotypes, and avoid expressions unpleasant to other people.
When they do their research with engineering firms they come across gender and cultural stereotypes within corporate cultures.
Though she embodies every physical quality you'd expect of a top model, the stereotypes end there.
For people who suffer from negative stereotypes, this can make all the difference between success and failure.
It's a little unusual with its choice of stereotypes, but only in that way.
Most of the stereotypes are not even close to being true.
With some variation, these stereotypes hold true throughout much of the world.
But some selections seem more influenced by bilious stereotypes than any observable phenomena.
The stereotypes were broad, if not entirely untrue, and there the discussion mostly ended.
But the show strains, sometimes mechanically, to be balanced and go beyond stereotypes.

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