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In the living room, they created a built-in display case to showcase art and conceal stereo equipment.
We humans have stereo-vision, and a relatively narrow field of view.
Another test asked participants to work out the direction of specific sounds embedded within stereo white noise.
CD s are still recorded in stereo using only two channels.
Your old ability to see in stereo vision has deserted you.
Perhaps, a good degree of stereo-typing may have been at work.
Later that night, she was awakened by fiercely loud music from the stereo.
It was a colored flexi disk of one of the moon landings on a stereo that only existed to play those records.
As a stereo type it suffers the same problems other stereo types suffer when applied beyond the scope of probability.
Until recently, concert recordings were made in stereo, with only left and right audio channels.
He is also interested in stereo matching and computational photography.
But now computers are in your microwave, your stereo, your fridge-because computers aren't what they were back then.
Berger pulls to the side of the road to show me his stereo system.
In his sophomore year, he invented and patented a new stereo speaker, which helped cover the rest of his college expenses.
One hears the thumping of a car stereo or the rumble of thunder from a distance.
Timing is everything for sharks that smell in stereo.
All sight hunters and arboreal creatures that jump from branch to branch have this, since they require stereo vision to survive.
They have two full colour screens on each side and stereo sound through ear buds.
The device, which can fit into a car's stereo slot or work with an already installed car stereo, comes with lots of storage.
The image was made through stereomicroscopy, which uses two lenses to make a stereo pair of pictures.
Let the sonic shine in with accurate, smooth old-school stereo components.
Also pack a towel or something else to serve as a platform for the stereo.
The stereo's big, fat buttons sat about where you'd want them and pushed with proper light resistance.
Some allow you to control the player via the car's stereo.
Users can have their e-mail read to them or pick songs for the stereo by voice command.
They sounded better than ever over a good stereo system.

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