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Example sentences for stem cell

One solution for such patients might be a stem cell bank.
More and more, modern science and medicine is and will be the province of the stem cell.
Patients with various diseases and put a human face on the swirling debate surrounding stem cell research.
Whether you think stem cell research is immoral or not, this little trope needs to be dealt with.
Being able to take one type of cell and turn it into another would be a great boon to patient-specific stem cell therapies.
However, many researchers have found it difficult to direct every stem cell in a culture to form a specific type of cell.
US stem cell researchers fight with uncertain financing and esoteric restrictions.
And then you'll do skin, and then you'll do every other stem cell you can get.
He received a stem cell transplant from an anonymous donor.
Stem cell research is a mainstream position, not a far left position.
Stem cell transplantation in adults: recommendations.
Blood and marrow stem cell transplant has improved the outcome for patients with high-risk hematologic malignancies.
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