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In their wake, stars leave behind exotic condensed objects collectively known as stellar remnants.
The nebula gives astronomers a close-up view of a stellar nursery, where stars are born from condensing clouds of dust and gas.
Scientists believe the stars in the image are part of a stellar cluster in which a supernova exploded.
At about eight billion years old, the star is now in the red giant stage, a late phase of stellar evolution in sunlike stars.
Astronomers suspect the bubble was carved by fast stellar winds blown by a central cluster of stars.
Stellar x-rays are emitted by superheated gas in the stars' atmospheres, or coronas.
Fortunately, much of that is produced by nuclear reactions in stars, and such stellar neutrinos have relatively low energies.
And in any case, stellar wobbles give no clue as to whether a planet is barren and rocky or bursting with alien beasties.
Only a tiny fraction were absorbed by the stellar gas, and they had so much energy they ripped apart the outer layers of the star.
Each one is different, some with stellar characters, others with their senses of humor.
Sadly, though, some of the media coverage of this well-ornamented dinosaur has been less than stellar.
He was not a stellar writer, and he's not a great speaker.
So a star with a given colour could belong to one of several different stellar populations with different luminosities.
Not to mention a tendency for shady connections to less than stellar business backgrounds.
Perhaps the solar system is really part of a giant fish bowl extending into inter-stellar space.
It is not until the internal heat flow is comparable to heat flow from received stellar radiation that there will be a problem.
We will miss him, and greatly look forward to his writing feature articles for us, which is something at which he is also stellar.
Indeed, portable digital audio has never had a stellar reputation among listeners keen on quality.
Scrap out the hydrogen part, and increase the battery size, and you got yourself a pretty stellar electric-only car.
Its critical reception, however, has not been so stellar.
The story will carry us through ten billion years of stellar history.
Everyone else had been doing it for years, with seemingly stellar results.
Add to this the challenges of educating all of these students in a less than stellar economy.
Increasingly, astrophysicists bring the far future into their models of stellar and galactic evolution as well.
It does not mention the scandal that damaged his once-stellar reputation and stunned his colleagues in the field.
Instead, if your test scores aren't as high as you wish they were, make the rest of your application as stellar as possible.
So far, there's some stellar lindy hop and elegant ballet.
Stellar teaching abilities and credentials especially in innovative approaches to education.
Gaining a reputation as a well-run and forward-thinking organization tends to help you attract stellar leaders.
As mentioned by another poster, your references may have sounded less than stellar due to cultural writing-style differences.
As a function of that prioritizing, my grades were decent, but they were far from stellar.
Anonymity is guaranteed, and details are scrambled to conceal the stellar teachers as well as the emerging ones.
But no one has to be perfectly stellar for every occasion.
The mechanics of stellar vampirism, however, proved less dramatic than astronomers anticipated.
If there's a problem with the tablet, its the less-than-stellar performance when scrolling in apps and playing games.
The comments landed right on schedule, with stellar recommendations from the deep recesses of time and television.
Fortunately, she rescues the performance with two stellar choruses.
The stellar cores become white dwarfs, which heat up the expelled material to create bright planetary nebulae.
Eventually the gravity from these stellar remnants gets so strong that not even light can escape it.
Apple's stellar rise is a testament to the growing influence of the digital world in the global economy.
Modern telescopes can see clouds of dust created in this way around several of the solar system's stellar neighbours.
Transit detection can pick up much smaller planets than previous methods based on gravity-induced wobbles in the stellar parent.
After all, financial giants have helped drive the industry's stellar growth in the past few years.
Lately the government's stellar poll ratings have begun to sag slightly.
Investment banking culture puts intense pressure on individuals to come up with stellar results.
Unless every inch of such companies' websites offers stellar clarity and convenience, customers go elsewhere.
Still, in spite of their less than stellar advice ratings are up.
After three decades of stellar growth, the financial-services industry needs to shrink and become less profitable.
The real damage, he says, may be to the firm's once-stellar reputation.
US went in as a net foreign debtor into each of these, and emerged as a stellar winner in each of the events.
But this is a wildly unpredictable team-stellar one day, sloppy and seething the next.
He was a less than stellar horn player, but it quickly became clear that he had a gift for arranging ballads.
The game itself was hardly a display of stellar athletics.
Their vast symmetrical shapes outline hypersonic shock waves produced by colliding shells of stellar gas.
As it turned out, the stellar demise was anything but a comparatively dull fading into oblivion.
These powerful stellar winds of subatomic material race out and slam into the surrounding material, compressing it.
It's one of the busiest stellar nurseries in our entire galaxy.
What you will need to show is mastery of literacy, current affairs and stellar research skills.

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