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But now that more diners are steering clear of red meat, you might not want to offer beef alone.
Steering her was futile, and the vessel slid slowly down the wall of the gyre.
Other paddles from six and one half feet to eight and one half feet should be provided for steering oars.
Now lacking the wooden ship's wheel, the bronze telemotor on the bridge once operated the steering gear.
Tail feathers paddle, steering gently in three dimensions.
They will also search for the location of ship machinery such as propeller shaft and steering controls.
Rough terrain leading into the crater could have damaged the aging probe's steering system or broken its wheels.
She peers out the windshield from behind dark sunshades, her head barely clearing the steering wheel.
He then switched the steering mechanism to automatic pilot.
Halfway down the mountain, the six-year-old mastered the inverted right-left steering pattern.
There was nowhere to go, nothing to do but keep steering down the alley.
We would keep in touch by radio, steering them to the elephants from our bird's-eye vantage.
Those students are, as is typical now, steering clear of the humanities.
Eventually, even those faculty and staff members who once appreciated the autonomy will start to wonder who's steering the ship.
Even so, development offices these days often play a significant part in steering research.
The would-be cyclist can concentrate on steering and pedaling.
Other dislocated workers, though, are steering clear of auto-related course work.
Still, the major steering decisions in national policy make a difference in the long term.
Tina wouldn't buy them, instead steering him to neutral toys: puzzles or building blocks or cool neon markers.
It took its course, and he did not even pretend to be steering it anymore, much less to predict the time of its conclusion.
The only challenge comes from pretending to hold a steering wheel in mid-air to direct your race car.
The teenage driver looks panicked, one hand clutching the steering wheel, the other hand clenching a cell phone.
High pressure systems alter the direction of a storm by steering the storm, a low pressure system, around it.
Simpler alternative with much of the benefit: activate brakes by squeezing steering wheel.
Scientists propose that mankind turn the steering wheel to prevent our vehicle from crashing into the side of a bridge.
They drove their parents' cars in the evening, their seats pushed back and their arms stretched out to reach the steering wheel.
She was smoking a cigarette and tapping the steering wheel with her thumb, keeping time to music on her car radio.
And the officials in charge of steering the world economy understand how it operates a little better.
Overhearing this, my poor cabman cringed even lower behind the steering wheel at the forcefulness of my voice and manner.
Pollard stood at the steering oar, staring at the capsized hulk that had once been his formidable command, unable to speak.
Then he would jump in behind me, in the steering position, and push the kayak off the reef.
One was decorated entirely with antique steering wheels mounted in frames.
Stoically, she settled for a modest post in the state's department of education, steering high-schoolers to community service.
Surely, went the rationale, steering blood around a blockage would lower the subsequent stroke rate.
Scientists can reduce homoplasy's confusion by steering clear of genes that are prone to homoplasy.
Its mad thrashing is really its way of turning its ignition and steering.
She clutched the steering wheel and the truck slammed into her, throwing her body forward and back.
But there is enough air to prevent a rocket from steering effectively with thruster jets, as it can in space.
For example, both the feed pump and steam turbine are actually power-steering pumps used in cars and trucks.
But carmakers are now moving toward a full electronic embrace of basic systems ranging from valve timing to steering.
Invisibility cloaks work by steering light around a region of space, making any object inside that region invisible.
Invisibility cloaks hide objects by steering light around them so that the objects cannot be seen by an observer.
The computer automation is also easier, since a computer moderates the steering and acceleration already.
The car will include such innovations as a steering wheel that vibrates if you change lanes without signaling.
The electric power steering is nicely weighted in terms effort at the steering wheel rim, but a little vague in fast transitions.
The accelerator is easy to modulate, and the steering is sharp.
The high-tech electric power steering is exceptionally sophisticated.
The eight-speed gearbox is always in the right gear, though shifts were a bit slow using the steering-wheel-mounted buttons.
The steering is vague, the brakes provide zero feedback and the suspension is mushy.
The interior is spacious, with firm, supportive seats and a steering wheel that feels great in your hands.
The steering wheel and console-mounted shifter feel great.
The electric power steering and regenerative-braking system don't provide much feedback, though.
Higher pressure makes the ride firmer and the steering more responsive.
Instead of steering their cars, drivers would have oodles of time on their hands to do other things, such as surfing the web.
At present fiscal policy is generally seen as less effective than monetary policy in steering the economy.
But while technology companies are making all the noise, old-media firms are quietly steering the market.
It's especially ironic because he used to be known for steering clear of new and trendy tech companies.
Switching between the different modes is done by one of a pair of paddles on the steering wheel.
As well as steering, he would have to take account of the platoon's impact on other traffic when changing lanes or turning.
Now it appears that talking on a phone even when both hands are on the steering wheel is dangerous too.
His government was also incapable of agreeing on, and then steering through parliament, the necessary measures.
Since then he has been gently steering the firm into its right-hand turn.
Car manufacturers might even develop vehicles that integrate the driver's thoughts with the braking or steering system.
Further, without an independent interest rate countries lost the policy mechanism for steering their individual economies.
Perhaps the idea is to be able to see what you are steering away from.
Steering sensors and a computer conspire to make sure you don't topple over when you pop a wheelie.

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