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Example sentences for steely

It added an edginess, a steely tension to the entire presentation.
He himself radiates the steely charm that seems to open the way to the top.
However, my steely resolve did not extend to tapping our emergency fund, or borrowing money.
They glint with a steely resolve when he thinks of a way to prolong the lives of his ailing kids.
The look serves her well, sweetly cloaking steely determination.
Curiously, where his first performance had been steely and bright, the repeat had a softer edge and a warmer tone.
Each one inherited the same steely notion of service.
The characters are not cuddly or cute, but steely, strapping and genderless.
But mostly she sang with gleaming, if sometimes steely, power and with visceral intensity.
There is soon no question about who has the steely will in this marriage.
It also attests to her quiet but steely confidence as a singer, which is still extremely well placed.
Steely nerves help too, as the simple task of connecting a hose becomes difficult when you're racing the clock.

Famous quotes containing the word steely

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