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Steel prices are scheduled to increase next month in response to higher costs for metals used in making steel.
His gadgets are beautiful-sleek and elegant, compact, and made of post-industrial materials that make steel look old-fashioned.
Over-protected by fussy governments, steel makers have been left behind in the globalisation of business.
Steel is not naturally-occurring and must be created.
Steel cables stretched over the giant pylons provided support until the arch was completed.
He designed a set of steel fittings, which were welded to each corner of a container.
The tower is held together by steel cables and screws.
On solid ground, the wings would swing into clamshell compartments, protected by a steel keel.
We follow a knot of workmen up the hill to rectangular pits shaded by a corrugated steel roof-the main excavation site.
Snippets of spider genes let mutant silkworms spin silk stronger than steel.
The composite is more resistant to corrosion than the steel it replaces, is easier to clean and floats.
Navy even produced a report on replacing steel reinforcements in concrete with bamboo.
It is four feet thick at the bottom, tapering to two feet at the top, with concentric layers of steel reinforcing bars.
From time to time he pauses to hone his curved steel blade on the stone he keeps in a belt pouch.
Spider silk has incredible tensile strength and is often touted as being several times stronger than steel of the same thickness.
Concrete and steel buildings would last much longer.
Some people believe that the materials put steel cooking are best for cooking.
The safe-deposit boxes themselves were made of steel and copper and required a key and combination to open.
Concrete and steel are the materials of choice when building buildings and vehicles that will protect soldiers from enemy fire.
In tamping down some in a bore-hole with a steel star drill.
Rust attacks steel from the moment the metal encounters moisture.
Steel prices have also been falling fast from record highs.
The steel container housing the reactor, however, was reportedly not damaged.
He straps on a pair of steel spurs and hefts a coil of thick rope.
The stainless steel rolling table is from a restaurant supply store.
Stainless steel on the counters is repeated in new appliances.
Here, dark-wood surfaces and stainless steel appliances do the trick.
For more burnish, add copper-toned planters such as these rusted steel cubes.
In the rear lower garden, a custom steel rose arbor frames the view from the house.
Stainless steel appliances and a zinc counter add brightness.
Aluminum serves as a less costly alternative to stainless steel for counters.
The kitchen is compact and clean-lined, with stainless steel appliances and countertops.
Ruzicka removed the old fence and situated a new sculptural steel fence where it would enhance the scenery.
Levesque turned door knobs and salvaged steel discs along with a burner cover from a stovetop into chic patio pavers.
The hall itself was surrounded by a steel fence topped with barbed wire.
In contrast, next door is what appears to be a dilapidated steel plant facing foreclosure.
The first cans were flat-topped and made of heavy-gauge steel.
And the desert sprouted great cities of pipe and steel.
But it can be the velvet glove around the steel gauntlet.
Make miniature planters out of steel and aluminum cans.
It's fastened to the house and to steel poles beyond the patio's wall.
Today, the house is bowed and warped, and has had a steel frame inserted to support the heavy upper gallery.
Modern cars have a monocoque steel body in which the strength is built into the pressed steel floor, sides and roof.
The guard would have sat between the sword's steel blade and its wooden handle.
Suddenly, a paint-splattered worker picking at a nearby wall shouts, waves his steel trowel and points.
They crowd into a steel basket, get lowered by crane, and are set free on the ice.
In all directions the halls are stacked with gold in tall steel cages.
Put a small nuke at the bottom in a put a thick steel plate underneath an automated payload capsule.
Big projects today are as likely to be built on software as they are on steel.
Hence a steel rod is more elastic than a rubber one.
Also, my understanding is the steel drums were shaped from empty oil drums left by naval submarines after refueling.
Stainless steel appliances, sink, and hardware catch the light.
Bubbles are beginning to form in property, steel and cars, and power generation is running up against capacity constraints.
They slid the frozen body onto a stainless steel gurney.
Chili heaved and snorted and tried to maneuver his body in the tight-fitted, gated steel chute.
The street party and steel bands played on well past dawn.
They're the same steel boxes seen piggybacking on ships around the world.
Steel posts and beams replaced the original driveway-facing walls.
It's free to get inside this iconic, stainless steel structure.
The steel frame and legs give it the look of furniture.
Plastic-coated steel baskets are lined with fiber mats that have holes cut in the sides, so you plant in the top and the sides.
Most of the work areas in this modern kitchen are topped with stainless steel.
Center the large pot atop the steel mesh and slide it down the tubing until it sits firmly on the mesh.
Rough, board-formed concrete echoes the wood used throughout the house and provides a foil for the smooth steel edging.
Researchers had drilled holes into their skulls and implanted steel coils into their brains to record eye movements.
The painting's steel frame was severely bent, and part of the wood beneath the paint had cracked.
Both are plastic outside but have stainless steel inside.
Yet pound for pound, the sturdiest spider silks are stronger than steel and stretchier than nylon.
Squiggly worm burrows, excavated within a slimy seabed, lace steel-gray limestone.
The result, according to the researchers, is a composite plastic that is light and transparent but as strong as steel.
Cement-making and steel production are the other two.
For some types of steel products, this could result in a doubling of export volumes.
There has been little new spending in industries with overcapacity, such as steel and computers.
After all, this is a steel-on-steel situation, not rubber on the road.
Not so long ago every country felt it had to have its own steel giant, even if it was government-owned and losing a fortune.
It is already largely dependent on imports of coking coal, used to make steel.
In place of the trucks beneath the car there are steel carriages above.
Ancient masonry hides behind thickets of scaffolding, planks and steel poles.
Rats can chew through wire and even steel, obliterating infrastructure.
And sizzling spills in the ten-ton ladle a golden water of molten steel.
Iron is the main component of steel and is easily melted down in foundries to produce new steel.
Foreign investment in light manufacturing and services has offset the decline in steel, once the nation's major industry.
Other cans, made from tin-coated steel, go through a slightly different process.
In one experiment the researchers connected four steel-wire whiskers to strain gauges, which in turn were tied to a computer.
The roof would be made with a wooden or steel structure.
But you could make the screen larger or smaller, depending on your situation, and the frame could be wood instead of steel.
Attach the plastic tube to the pump, then thread it through the center opening in the steel mesh.
Using a steel maintains a precise edge but can't actually sharpen a knife.
Atop one wall, she installed a dramatic rusted-steel fence that curves around and cants toward the patio.
Shutters were removed, exposing the handsome steel-framed window and increasing the natural light.
One last suggest would be to have one welded out of steel.
Instead of a bucket, he juggled four milking machines hooked to a stainless-steel line.
Each had hold of a long steel cable that arced into the upper deck.
Another effort to cap the leak, by using what amounted to a hundred-ton steel funnel, flopped as well.
The car's walls buckled, and steel debris tore up through the floor.
My fantasy football is made out of brushed stainless steel.
And while a reactor core is isolated by thick layers of steel and concrete, a spent-fuel pool is largely unshielded.
To dig the shafts, workers relied on caissons, steel boxes with airlocks that were lowered into the watery mud.
Regulations required the crew to sit in a steel container during the show, which was controlled via a laptop computer.
The house was surrounded by a high cement wall that had been fortified with steel.
Tough as steel, sturdier than concrete, full-size in a year.
Pound for pound, spider silk is the toughest fiber in the world-rivaling even steel.
It spends its winters interned in subzero sleep, its tissues steel-rigid, and revives in the spring raring to go.
Another problem is the use of a stainless steel frame, which has a fixed structure and cannot be absorbed by the body.
Cavitation-bubble implosion-can make pieces of steel look as if they've been pummeled by artillery.
What's more, the boreholes that channel the natural gas up to the surface are encased in steel and cement.
Then he needed a new clutch plate and had to drive a hole through a piece of steel.
The new design is considered stronger, allowing steel pillars to bracket each end into the ground.
After all, a robot with legs of hollow steel is essentially a mechanical beetle.
It had no inheritance of heavy industry-no steel works or mines to close or subsidize.
Steel crampons are secured to the boots' soles, their points freshly sharpened with a hand file.
Its steel hull stretched the length of four city blocks.
In the process, they bashed the manager on the head with a steel bar, hurting but not killing him.
It has a clean, almost apothecary spareness, with lots of sharp angles and galvanized steel and slate.
The industry standard is steel, although some craft breweries have turned to plastic to cut costs.
There wasn't a camera, so you were reliant on likenesses from wood or steel engravings.
The cars, none with tires, sat on small steel pedestals supporting the axles at each corner.
But instead of the steel and oil of the past, you'll find tightly integrated circuit boards.
It fortifies our safety net with steel wire and demolishes our welfare state with a blunt wrecking ball.
The familiar image of a giant reactor, encased in a steel and concrete sarcophagus, comes into focus.
GM is adding extra steel braces to the steel tunnel to further protect the battery.
The closer the carbonation is to the reinforcing steel the shorter the remaining life.
Now a startup claims to have overcome one of the main challenges in synthesizing the lightweight, stronger-than-steel fibers.
Stents are expandable stainless-steel scaffolds commonly used to prop open clogged arteries.
The rotors are connected to a crossbar on a large steel beam that is held in place by four legs cemented into the seabed.
The reduction in weight reduces the cost of the steel supporting structure.
Their invention--a plastic barrel in a rolling steel cart--is simple.
There are many methods of plugging the leaks in steel pipes, he says, depending on whether the pipe is on land or under the sea.
My dad sold stainless steel to the nuclear industry a few decades ago for use in reactors.
When cured, it is stronger than steel, now it is more conductive than copper.
Their building, a tower of galvanized zinc-plated steel, is scheduled to be finished later this year.
Arrange them cut sides down in a stainless-steel roasting pan or on a low-sided baking sheet.
Place the eggs yolk and lemon juice in a steel bowl over a double boiler.
He walked over to a steel door and rapidly twirled the combination lock to open it.
The thing is constructed and balanced around a heavy steel wheel that is moved by a series of chains.
Museum workers dressed in matching overalls slowly loaded the box inside the back of a medium-size, steel-fortified truck.
Steel is shamefully underrepresented in fashion today.
Thanks to steel-reinforced walls and double-glazed windows, the silence inside is absolute.
In the master suite, all that remained was a hulking, four-foot steel safe.
Behind windows framed with brushed stainless steel and red birch, lab technicians work with the virus.
Before the announcement, prices for raw materials--from soybeans to steel--had been soaring for two years.
Two good reasons why steel framing is used as an alternative to wood framing.

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