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If you have a facial steamer, you can use it with a drop or two of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil.
He was toiling along with short oars, and the dory tossed and sank and tossed again with the steamer's waves.
Arrange on a tin plate covered with cheesecloth, fold cheesecloth over fillets, and cook in steamer fifteen minutes.
The ordinary fibre trunk is good for rail and steamer travel, but it is absolutely unpractical for mule-back or canoe.
It's kind of a cross between a rice steamer and a bread maker, and apparently you can fit one under your desk.
Typically, they traveled by luxury steamer and coach, with servants and trunks in tow.
Silas sleeps in a steamer trunk with dirt in the bottom and doesn't cast a reflection.
Also called a steamer sturgeon: noun: type of marine or freshwater large, long, bony fish.
At one time, cruising was restricted solely to the wealthy, who often carried steamer trunks filled with formal attire.
Tourists have the option of traveling by bus, airplane, train or steamer.
The fear the natives entertained of the strange steamer was now changed for liveliest admiration.
She was absolutely happy to come on a tramp steamer.
They found no reason not to accept two steamer trunks full of clothes.
Repeat with remaining husks and fit, standing up with rounded ends up, into the deep steamer basket of a pasta pot.
Soup dumplings pleated so they expand in the steamer.
Open the steamer door by standing to the side, keeping the door between you and the open steamer.
If possible, fill the steamer to capacity instead of cooking one pan in a five pan steamer.
Open ovens or steamers by standing to the side, keeping the door between you and the open steamer.

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