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Nonetheless, the ritual endures, an intimate reminder of the time before stealth applications.
Office space, which can make up nearly a third of campus buildings, is the stealth consumer.
If you're a state legislator with a busted budget, you can raise tuition as a stealth tax increase.
Pursuing our interests and spreading our ideals thus requires stealth and modesty as well as military strength.
Thanksgiving dinner has turned out to be the stealth weapon of the writer's reporting life.
However, they afterwards watched an opportunity, and carried them off by stealth.
It knows how close it must get to even attempt the chase, weighing the distance and stealth factors up to the last second.
The aircraft was a secretly developed stealth helicopter, which crashed during the operation.
The smallest features of modern life are stealth inventions.
His mission is to steal a prototype stealth aircraft equipped with thought-controlled weaponry.
Two stealth ingredients make this dessert different: unsweetened coconut milk and instant espresso powder.
But the company is still in stealth mode, and hasn't revealed what technologies these robots will use.
Another material could render stealth aircraft invisible at night-and invisible to radar night and day.
Many insects are stealth, they live in the shadows of our peripheral vision to avoid us detecting them.
The cells, in other words, seem to deploy a biological stealth technology to remain immunologically invisible.
His hands make the motion of a stealth missile seeking its target.
It could be argued that this great prize has been well worth the cost in intellectual dishonesty and political stealth.
But there are signs that this strategy of integration by stealth has run its course.
They also suspect the municipality of denying them services, to prise them out by stealth.
Now they sport desert-hued outfits with a digitalised pattern redesigned for added stealth.
Both materials still have a long way to go before they're ready for stealth military operations.
They live secret lives, surviving on stealth and intelligence.
Technological revolutions travel with the same stealth.
At the same time their stealth has allowed them to move about and survive even close to built-up areas.
Many animals depend on stealth to catch prey, but a small tentacled water snake resorts to downright trickery.
Its size and breezy pace mean it's built for endurance and not stealth.
The article refers to stealth implementations which almost certainly means military implementations.
We are nearing such nano-tech breakthroughs, radar stealth and yes invisibility cloaking.
Stealth pickup truck camping isn't as mysterious as it sounds.
For a stealth fighter, it was a remarkably obvious flight, but perhaps that was the point.
And instead of sneaking up on his enemies using stealth tactics, he sneaks away from them.
And the speed and stealth with which the cardinal leaped on this opening are unseemly and, yes, sinful.
Unlike firefighters, law enforcement officers may need to use stealth when approaching a potential crime scene.

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