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Sooner or later, an unknown startup or a true maverick will sneak up behind these squabbling old timers and steal the pot of gold.
Economic freedom leads to peace, and governments are using mythical climate change to try to steal more of our freedom.
They began to rewrite history, steal from others, and it worked.
Steal this hotel room's romantic look with inexpensive red sheer fabric hung above the bed.
Note that they had to get really close to the gold to steal it.
We don't recycle nuclear fuel because it is valuable and people steal it.
On the outside, he would live in bombed-out buildings and conspire with companions to steal bread and fruit from open-air shops.
Try fooling a hungry dog to steal meal from its dish without getting bitten.
We study biological systems and try to steal ideas from nature to apply to technology.
The next step after penetrating networks to steal data is to disrupt or manipulate them.
Greenspan was wrong, the purpose of government is not to make it easier for the rich to steal from everyone else.
Worldwide, crooked staff have better opportunities to steal than ordinary shoppers.
Stingers aren't the only weapons these sea slugs steal from their meals.
But the loss of this glorious bird would steal some of the world's wonder.
In autumn, paddlers can steal close to immense flocks of migrating waterfowl and nesting bald eagles.
The shelter also beefed up security over concerns that dog fighters might try to steal the animals.
Fifteen years before the work began, her father-in-law tried to steal her inheritance.
If the puffins can't make it back to their burrow in time, the pesky gulls steal the fish right out of the puffins' beaks.
Sometimes stallions try to steal ponies from other bands.
Weeds not only steal water and nutrients from your plants but also often produce allergens and look unsightly.
Manholes remain open till the last instant, for fear that early settlers will steal the metal covers and sell them for scrap.
Thou shalt not steal is the type of shall in the pure system.
If there's ever a meal to steal the culinary spotlight, this is it.
Doctoral students then steal from the bachelor's and master's students under them.
He does not have the right to lie about, cheat, and steal from the private sector.
Great painters steal from the great painters who came before them.
It's naive to think that these students don't steal our time and energies and their fellow students' time and energies.
And the fear is that fundamentalism can steal our souls, occupy our minds.
Someone had reached into the bus to steal her earring, tearing her ear in the process.
Joe knows he will try to steal one and he watches warily from inside.
Rioters who steal from stores and each other need to be held accountable.
Not so much that they jump off the page and steal your food though.
Sure, there's no evidence that you're planning to steal the books.
It may be designed to disable your phone, remotely control your device, or steal valuable information.
She's afraid someone will steal her idea because she's sure that there's a market for her idea.
Reality shows steal the story structure and pacing of scripted television, but leave behind the canned plots and characters.
If people want to steal your app, they're going to steal your app.
His mission is to steal a prototype stealth aircraft equipped with thought-controlled weaponry.
They are out there trying to steal intellectual property, make some money.
In their spare time, and in order to get money to buy drugs, they steal from their neighbors.
The researchers said it would be possible to steal data this way, though they did not take this next step.
He also found he could steal information from cards that legitimate customers inserted into a hacked machine.
If you worry that one day someone will steal your credit card number, protection may be on the way.
Industrial spies would steal or sabotage efforts to eliminate the need for crude oil and gas powered engines.
Because there's no point in hacking an account to steal personal information when it's available for everyone to see.
Even with this open technology transfer, these countries continue to steal stuff.
From the outside, it seemed an impossible place to steal from.
Garbage piles up by the roadside, and the squatters string wires from power lines to steal electricity.
In the past, you would have organized-crime groups sneaking in to steal money, and you would hear about it weeks or months later.
Bitterly has no fear that anyone will steal his idea for a flywheel battery.
Normally, neighboring bees would swoop into forsaken hives and steal honey and pollen.
Of course, then they will storm the poorhouse walls with their enormous stockpile of weaponry and steal everything from inside.
Why you can leave them in your parked car with the windows up and nobody will steal your car.
To fulfil their sweet tooth, the chimps need to infiltrate and steal from bee nests, either in trees or underground.
Which seems a perfectly legitimate position, given that three verses later he commands them to go steal a horse.
At the same time, cheaper security systems have made it harder to steal from museums, galleries and homes.
To capture them with photography is to defy their elusive state, to steal them to common ground, as is the journalist's duty.
They wanted to feel the turf under their feet, to steal an up-close glimpse of the players, to place a hand on a sweaty jersey.
He equated it with the greed that causes some surfers to steal other surfers' waves.
The safest way to bunker oil is essentially to bribe people into letting you steal it.
Yeah, all they did was steal some stuff, some aerial shots.

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