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Fiercely grilled steak with a stark sauce is a combination popular throughout the world.
What follows are two recipes for fajitas: one mushroom, one steak.
Hominids have been cutting their steak for much longer than anybody thought.
Steak tartare may not have been the best choice for this meal.
Pair this crowd-pleaser with grilled skirt steak and chili beans for a complete feast.
It's not a big slab of steak but a smaller, succulent morsel of meat.
Switch from mineral salt to sea salt and sprinkle some garlic powder over your steak the next time.
If you can shell out the dough to cook a steak dinner for yourself, more power to you.
In today's health-conscious society, many diners consider their steak dinners to be a splurge.
Generously season both sides of steak with salt and pepper.
Grill the salmon steak for three to four minutes on each side for medium rare.
Our fondness for a juicy steak triggered a number of adaptations over countless generations.
So she'll get the first steak and egg breakfast up and running.
Miller recommends this as a great way to serve leftover steak.
Pretty simple: not enough steak for everyone, but enough money for all to have bread.
In short, this post is about cooking steak and the measurements of the temperature of the meat.
Simple and basic, this salad is a great complement to grilled chicken or steak.
But so does anyone else who ever downed a side salad before tearing into their steak.
Put used dental floss, complete with bits from the steak you ordered in from your room.
All of the above bring out the savory soy in these skirt steak skewers off the grill.
But season a steak with coarse salt before and right after grilling, and you get delicious, juicy meat with a crunchy exterior.
Grill the steak, without seasoning, for three to five minutes.
Remove steak to plank, put in a hot oven, and bake until steak is cooked and potatoes are browned.
When some people might eat a huge steak, that same steak gets diced and put into an entire pot of soup or chilli or whatever.
Clem roasts garlic cloves, boils cardamom pods, and simmers the green-peppercorn-bourbon sauce for his steak dish.
Wandering round a supermarket-warm, gorgeously lit-corridors of open fridges full of tiger prawns and fillet steak.
Though slightly unconventional, white wine works incredibly well with steak.
Choose dishes that involve the intimacy of sharing: fondue, or a porterhouse steak for two.
It's a giant muscle and it can be cooked similar to a steak, from grilling to tartare.
The majority of the patterns are chunky, as if to indicate that this is the set for steak, not salad.
It was a summer in which only have-nots wanted a cigarette or a vodka-and-tonic or a charcoal-broiled steak.
He asked me what my favorite flower was, my favorite fruit, even my favorite cut of steak.
Alternatively, arrange steak on a rimmed baking sheet.
He gave the waiter precise directions for wine and steak.
Quick-frying kept thin slices of flank steak plump and juicy.
The meal service had an option of pizza or a steak and potato salad.
Anybody who takes the results seriously may never be able to look at an egg or a steak the same way again.
It could get you a single steak at a fine dining establishment.
The molecules migrate from the steak to the coldest place they can find, which is often the side of your freezer.

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To endow the writer publicly with a good fleshly body, to reveal that he likes dry white wine and underdone steak<... more
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