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Gravity is the ballast of the soul, which keeps the mind steady.
Steady, uniform, unbroken evolution from lower to higher seemed easy.
We tend to think of the ground beneath our feet as solid, steady, and unchanging.
It is not a steady balance of terror maintained by two stable, responsible, and cautious powers.
In the past, the biggest hurdle to effective recycling was developing a steady, stable market for recycled materials.
We need the ship of state in seasoned, strong and steady hands.
In addition to light, the sun radiates heat and a steady stream of charged particles known as the solar wind.
But there may be a way to ensure a steady supply of wind.
Shoot several rolls, and remember to keep your arms tucked in for steady shots.
Clematis need regular watering and a steady supply of nutrients.
Along with appearing rude, the author also criticizes a tripod for only working on a steady surface.
What may be more worrying than the inflation in bank prices is the steady pumping up of the buyers' claims about the benefits.
They harness the river's widely varying flows to generate a steady water supply.
There were steady advancements in a variety of disciplines.
But these professional arborists approached the challenge with steady arms and clear minds.
If you're fortunate enough to have the steady hands of surgeon then by all means, freehand it.
Amid the steady drumbeat of worrisome news, here's one trend that may have been overlooked.
The craft also returned evidence of space phenomena, such as the steady flow of ionized plasma now known as solar wind.
In that case, scientists would have known that a slow and steady process called fault creep was responsible.
One reason for this has been the steady stream of additional donations.
Old clumps may be wider than tall because of slow, steady spread by suckers.
Here they define current electricity as a steady flow of electrons.
Despite steady tuition increases, many parents of current students are proving responsive to fund-raising efforts aimed at them.
Our bodies produce a small but steady amount of natural morphine, a new study suggests.
The nightgown catches, and begins a slow, steady burn.
When faced with such facts, one reaches for bearings, for ways to steady oneself.
Stir in a controlled-release fertilizer to provide a steady supply of nutrients.
These three games have been in pretty steady rotation since the game arrived.
Hub dynamos are tiny electric generators, hidden in the wheel's hub, that produce a steady current while you ride.
Also, they may be used to steady out the power of alternative energy.
There has been a slow, steady recovery, although the town is still far from prosperous.
In any area--whether coastal or inland--it's important to shield shade-loving plants from steady winds.
If you're a typical consumer, your electronic mailbox has been sinking under a steady stream of offers from on-line merchants.
While the pigs provide a steady source of food for the eagles, their preferred prey is the fox.
And the facts are this power is far more valuable than other steady or intermittent power.
There is a steady ripple on the water as a school of mosquito fish pursue a new direction.
And the biggest implication is that it takes away this backdrop of time as a steady progression.
It can be scary to suddenly leave the comforts of a steady job or a familiar place.
They had all seen the graying of the faculty there, and they knew that a steady trickle of retirements was imminent.
The water is a fresh royal blue tipped by whitecaps, with a steady swell that rolls the ship and makes walking a challenge.
Expectations are high that the demand will continue to grow or remain steady.
For years, the military has overseen the slow, steady development of stronger and stronger lasers.
The explanation for the steady rise of silver this time round is less dramatic.
The health-care industry will enjoy steady growth, helped by an ageing population and the ever-increasing cost of new treatments.
The investment flow has been more steady than large.
Science isn't a locomotive moving ever forward, gathering new knowledge at a slow, steady pace.
With patience and a steady hand, you should succeed.
Despite steady advances in hardware, no machine could think as far as to laugh at a pratfall or make a bad pun.
Interviewers may be tired to start out with, and interviewing a steady stream of candidates can be exhausting.
The steady stream of earthquakes it has produced this month do not seem to be alarming residents much.
For example, he invented one of the first steady cams.
World production of amphetamines and similar stimulants appears to be steady.
The site is populated with a steady stream of fun and educational online media.
The drummer, a skinny hipster with fuzzy sideburns, is as steady as a metronome.
Steady growth has allowed governments to expand the services they offer.
Build your virtual family as firm as you build your warm, cheerful and steady home.
Since then, however, it has been a steady downward drift for the greenback.
Applying firm and steady pressure will quickly bore the needle through the wax plug.
All this is despite long periods of steady growth over the past two decades.
There is a steady stream of bees at the entrance bringing pollen and nectar.
But slow, steady, and careful handling keeps bees calm.
The economy is marked by steady growth, low unemployment and inflation, and rapid advances in technology.
His eye must be true and quick, his hand steady and strong.
It was a long time before he could steady his nerves to answer my questions, and then he answered perplexingly and brokenly.
It's within this steady environment that the rich and varied web of life in today's seas has arisen and flourished.
As more people become environmentally conscious, there has been a steady increase in the sale of push mowers.
The average amount of precipitation has remained steady.
They observed that although the bears' population held steady, the animals were getting thinner.
The next day, have a volunteer from each group pour a slow, steady stream of water from the top of the mountain area.
Practice finding a steady position, work on holding your camera solidly but not tightly.
Prolific piglet production means a steady food source the golden eagle.
But holding the lightweight handset steady isn't easy.
There is a downside to the steady-state fleet, however.
The big tubes and quality welds keep the ride steady and comfortable.
For others, the curve was more of a steady rise with a peak near the end.
The peso's slide was exacerbated by the unwinding of derivatives contracts that had been profitable while the currency was steady.
She faces a modest but steady and damaging rise in inflation.
With his bland face and steady ways, he might have tried to sell you insurance.
The state is prospering on the back of booms in mining and farming, as well as steady growth in tourism.
The laws of quasi-steady-state aerodynamics easily explain the lift capabilities of rigid airplane wings.
Researchers in nearly every discipline made steady advances toward long-standing goals.
The pH of seawater has remained steady for millions of years.
The gestures you make are careful and labored, designed to keep you steady.
These professors simply aren't able to be the steady professional role models that disenfranchised students need.
Indeed, it is often slow-but-steady tortoises rather than speedy hares who actually complete books and dissertations.
Yet applications held steady, the diversity of the pool increased slightly, and so did average test scores.
Aggressively market yourself ten hours a day, day in and day out until you achieve a steady state of money commissions.
So, a house would be inexpensive, but expect the value of it to remain steady or even fall.
Temperatures would increase at a steady rate around the globe, winters would become milder, snow less common.
For another, she gets a steady rain of peanut-size biscuits, which she snuffles up skillfully.
But the steady improvement of internal-combustion engines threatened their existence.
The epidemiology suggests a steady increase in prevalence over time, not sudden increases at times of changes to the schedule.
Her handwriting in the letters reflects her upbringing: steady, straight, legible and neat.
Bones may seem as steady as stone, but they're actually constantly in flux.
When they faced it into a steady breeze, it no longer seemed ungainly.
My father couldn't find a job either, not a steady one, anyway.
The tension builds slowly, through languid takes and steady framing, as strong emotions simmer below the surface.
Rather, the failures average out with the successes to produce a relatively steady rate of return.
We can thank our diverse economy and steady housing prices.
And a complicated algorithm keeps the total supply steady.
As you can see, there's been a fairly steady rise for the past year.
There was a subway stop at our corner and even in the wee small hours of the morning, a steady stream of foot traffic.
Human civilization has thrived in regions where climate has been steady and benign.
With motor still running, add oil in a slow, steady stream until incorporated.
One steady sound sets a cadence, not continuously, but as a punctuating on-and-off rhythm.
We tried stuffing butter under the skin or leaving it out, basting and not basting, varying the heat versus keeping it steady.
Get the pan really hot, adjusting the flame so the temperature is steady across the surface of the pan.
He learned to bank his pits, to stack them with charcoal and hickory so that the temperature held steady through the night.
The picture moves on a steady, powerful flow of ideas and emotions, and it stirs in us a sense of discovery.
But none of those things have happened in a smooth and steady fashion.
The songs set small, compact melodies against a steady hip-hop beat, and everyone played simultaneously and continuously.
Meanwhile, the percentage of high-school seniors who have used pot has remained steady, between forty and fifty per cent.
As they entered it, the ground was not steady beneath them.
Carter trains a steady gaze on this middle ground of nature and architecture.
If so, one would expect to see a steady increase in the prevalence of mental disorders in the population.
At the same time, it has resisted any steady collaboration with the short-term plans of reformers.
Instead there has been from them a steady stream of denial, often bordering on a rewriting of history.
In truth, of course, a good surgeon needs both a sound brain and steady hands.
Increasingly, they will also be able to ignore admonitions to keep their cameras steady in order to avoid a blurry picture.
The frame keeps the instrument steady and at a measured distance from the skin.
Engineered cardiac tissue needs a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to survive after being grafted onto the heart.
Apply electricity and the sheet produces a soft, steady glow.
The rest goes to secreting a steady supply of diesel fuel.
As a result, the engine can be smaller and run at a steady, efficient rate.
Turn on your kitchen tap and the steady stream of water will spread out into a thin circular disc when it hits the sink.
Another challenge is keeping the microorganisms producing fuel at a steady rate.
The patient also showed a slow but steady gain in function even when the device was turned off.
Proponents of wind energy argue that the technology is still effective despite the lack of a steady supply.
She said it five, maybe six times, in a small but steady voice that only the people kneeling next to her could hear.
The steady pace of conservation would do little good if population outraced it.
Best of all, this steady stream of high-quality incoming links will go on and on forever.
And in any case, the equation above describes a steady state.
It's difficult to recall a situation when a photographer has had such steady, tag-along access to a moody, elusive star.
Forty-eight consecutive years of steady employment in television and film, while preserving a rich family life.
His persistence and the loyalty of one steady customer kept the company afloat.
And while the active permafrost layer may not be getting any deeper, after a few days of steady rain it has become a muddy soup.
The resultant interview, not surprisingly, had been a steady stream of pabulum and clich├ęs.
Petulant storms came over now and then, raining enough to keep the water supply steady.
Without effort he held the crosshairs absolutely steady on the target.
Miller's tough pragmatism has endured, outlasting the flightiness of other, less steady souls-as well as much of his own idealism.
Because these metals decay at a steady rate, an astute observer can extrapolate backward and pinpoint the star's moment of birth.
Their tale of slow, steady recovery reflects the changing landscape of autism today.
It rained for two or three days-a steady, soaking rain that had my sons whooping barefoot on the lawn.
Neurons can do a good job of producing a steady series of pulses.
The atmosphere above his observing site was calm and steady, aiding him in getting such an astounding picture.
The water slows the neutrons, allowing the chain reaction to continue at a steady pace.
Your foot makes that small acceleration during each step of a steady run.
In kids of average intelligence, certain parts of the cortex showed steady thinning right from the start.
Instead of beating with a steady, controlled synchronous beat, the heart quivers.
Spend less than you earn this year to keep a steady forward progress.
But progress is barely inching along, with rates remaining mostly steady.

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