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Example sentences for steadily

The economy steadily transformed itself to match the advanced skills that higher education conferred.
The lesser temptations of the system steadily become part of the daily air they breathe.
In other words, the demand for higher education has steadily increased.
Instead it seems that there's been a steadily accelerating devolution.
Despite the progressive expansion of the general student population, the humanities stand to lose ground steadily.
He kept one eye steadily fixed on the interests of his party.
We are steadily building a new race-a new civilization great in its own attainments.
We shall thus have a thin wall steadily growing upward but always crowned by a gigantic coping.
Steadily is this dividing and detaching counteracted.
But the odds of finding even a single one of the aquatic giants may be steadily diminishing.
The problem is getting steadily worse for another reason.
Today, however, modern influences are steadily eroding these cultural lifeways.
Astronomers estimate that a few million tons of poisonous cyanide gas were steadily released into space during this event.
The rain now falls steadily, replacing the land of blue sky with a gray canvas of clouds.
The peak output of the heart decreases steadily from the age of thirty.
My rates of complications moved steadily lower and lower.
He's almost fifty now, and his political influence has grown steadily over the years.
The worlds of media and politics have been steadily merging, and today they seem all but interchangeable.
Voltage-only-based gauges are erratic and unreliable because voltage doesn't fall steadily as the battery is discharged.
For decades, the size of silicon-based transistors has decreased steadily while their performance has improved.
Electric bikes are brilliant, and could get millions of people out of cars in a way that regular bikes have steadily failed to do.
And yet the actual number of whales killed each year has been increasing steadily.
But the city's biggest concern remains the slow, steadily mounting threat that comes from sea level rise.
The battery life has been steadily improved over the last few decades.
Coffee prices are steadily rising--Things that concurrently occur.
Interest and need in biodegradable disposable plastic items has steadily grown over the last decade.
If governments lower the cap every few years, companies would steadily decrease their emissions or be slapped with a heavy fine.
And yes, science has not found the answer to the origin of life, but is steadily moving closer and closer to it.
Thus, bones used for study have been slightly, but steadily deformed over the ages.
Consumers need to be protected by checks and balances which are being steadily eroded by political manipulation.
Ever since disorder and entropy have been steadily increasing.
Yet the sea level here is slowly but steadily rising.
His detailed calculations indicated that the planet's orbit slowly but steadily drifts.
His robot now uses the same motion to move steadily at about three and a half inches per second.
Thus its population steadily declines over the eons.
In reality, though, even a good typist's speed is seldom steadily maintained.
Kelvin reasoned that over time, the planet should steadily grow cooler.
If they are well swept, volcanoes burn slowly and steadily, without erupting.
It was a polar-orbiting satellite, moving steadily from south to north, that didn't appear on the heavens-above website.
Further research has and is being done, and the scientific evidence refuting this hypothetical link is steadily accruing.
While elitism is steadily disappearing from the landscape of privileged life, it does continue to exist in pockets.
From dock to auction to resale to restaurant, the price of the fish steadily increases.
From diabetes to cancer to dementia, many diseases become steadily more likely with advancing age.
According to a steadily gathering body of research, so do whales and dolphins.
It's steadily growing in sales of both e-books and e-readers.
It's been growing pretty steadily since its founding.
Not a series of people of steadily increasing height-that's far too bland a picture.
Over the decades, the courts have steadily driven government censors into a precarious redoubt.
It has steadily exerted an influence upon all around it favorable to its own continuance.
Those borders, porous and steadily expanding, become ever more difficult to manage and defend.
In the years since, standards governing the pursuit and dissemination of such material have steadily diminished.
The book becomes steadily less engaging as it proceeds.
Still the state sector's share of the economy has steadily declined.
But a kind of proto-journalism is emerging, and becoming steadily more sophisticated.
Airfares have been rising steadily since well before the latest sharp spike in oil prices.
Since then, the economic news has grown steadily worse.
Over the past few decades, for example, the number of hours college students spend studying has steadily declined.
He is serving his third eight-year term, winning his elections by steadily increasing margins.
Much of it was used in the production of sugar, which was steadily evolving from being a scarce luxury to a daily necessity.
Life expectancy may be steadily increasing but few are eager to add to their years of toil.
The production of oil, the country's main source of income, has been steadily falling due to a lack of technology and investment.
The aim was partly to show that the authorities were steadily bringing the crippled reactors under control.
There is no stalemate: the campaign is heading steadily in the right direction.
She heard her describe steadily more alarming scenes-militiamen going from house to house, pulling people out and killing them.
Spot prices, which guide the annual benchmark, have risen steadily.
Sales volumes have declined steadily for six months, and prices are likely to follow.
The euro, which had been falling steadily against the dollar, perked up a bit.
And in-flight recycling programs are steadily taking hold.
The yield is up this week after falling steadily in previous weeks.
Although corporate tech sales have been torpid the past few years, consumer sales have steadily improved.
Instead of two steps forward being followed by a step back, he's been steadily getting better every day.
As their economy boomed, families have steadily collected the gadgets required by modern life.
Meanwhile, environmentalists have steadily chipped away at ethanol's green credentials.
But in a field where smaller is usually better, tapes have steadily declined in size.
The number of doctors who provide the procedure has steadily dropped.
On college campuses, meanwhile, the ranks of nondrinkers are rising steadily.
In the three years the garage has been open, it has steadily attracted more bus and rail riders.

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