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Example sentences for stead

Stead has taken up the role of an agricultural benefactor.
They have had to be, and it may stand them in good stead now.
Move over silicone implants, here comes the real thing in your stead.
Both positions should serve him in good stead in his new job.
His past experience as central-bank governor and, briefly, prime minister should stand him in good stead.
Money transfer without strings are always distorting in stead of helping.
Of course, these interests would stand him in good stead.
Moderation, self-control, and thinking are going to stand us in good stead.
Likewise, mom's advice to eat your fruits and vegetables stands your brain in good stead.
It served me and countless other underprivileged students in good stead, and even compelled us to budget our time more wisely.
In its stead, the space agency contemplated unmanned rescue efforts.
The gang ran the region not only under the gaze of government, but also in its stead.
His extreme caution and old-fashioned values have stood him in good stead.
In its stead, it results to outright condemnation and subtle cynicism in the article's verbiage, tempo and tonal setting.
One time he through the match in stead of the firecracker, and the firecracker went off in his hand.
That's not going to happen anytime soon, but for now, the machines are doing an impressive job in our stead.

Famous quotes containing the word stead

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