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But for each, the color stays the same from day to day, and year to year.
They learn a sense of self-confidence and self-motivation, and it stays with them into their adult lives.
There's someone who does our park checks and there's someone who stays behind and does the clinical work.
It can help to remember that the driver always stays close to the center line.
The bog water, is sharp contrast, stays an acidic brown.
He finds somewhere else to be, or he stays inside his house, with its many framed prints of trim little ships atop frisky seas.
Web staff get everything online and make sure it stays there.
Hath done us too much good, whose kindness ever stays.
If he stays at school after this he goes into the ex-ex-seventh.
We see activity pictured that normally stays well hidden from the human eye.
Extended lunar stays build the experience and expertise needed for the long-term space missions required to visit other planets.
Once hatched, the eaglet stays in the nest for about five months, dependant on its parents for food.
Plenty of bars around the college will take you in, and the less-savory crowd usually stays away.
Once a proposal is granted, the time has arrived to begin working to ensure that it stays that way.
The reference to narrow scholarship that stays in libraries can hardly be generalized to broader cultural understanding.
Seeing that a moderator has control of what stays on this blog is a great comfort.
Nothing bounces around, so the sound stays tight and never gets flabby.
It sticks onto the body using a sheet of adhesive film, and stays attached permanently.
As impressive as it is, all that performance stays hidden.
Even at full throttle, the interior stays quiet with the exception of road noise from the low-profile tires.
The other half stays alert, and the eye it controls stays open.
The key is making sure the spent fuel stays cool-and finding a local community that accepts the risk of having it around.
Many people report an eerie feeling about their stays in hospitals.
In that case, the hair follicle stays in its rest stage indefinitely.
The other half of the brain stays awake at a low level of alertness.
We should have learned by now that when you arrive somewhere new part of you stays part of it comes back with you.
The government stays largely in the background, establishing the cap and letting the rest happen on its own.
Ice when melted is fresh water, it does not mix with the salty oceans, it stays as a thin layer on top of the salt water.
Volcanic dust contributes little to the cooling because it stays aloft for only a few months.
In younger people the map stays sharp thanks to cells that dampen neural activity between areas representing different body parts.
In fact, a quantum particle under the right conditions stays on the table and rolls back.
While the calories go in it stays solid but when the last one goes in it suddenly melts.
In fact if you travel further north the ground frost is called permafrost and the ground stays frozen throughout the summer.
Light travelling down the fiber stays inside because it is reflected off the interface between the two layers.
Design a lampshade with a secret bloom that stays hidden till you switch on the light.
Macaroni dripping with cheese sauce stays light thanks to reduced-fat cheeses and creamy evaporated milk.
The smoke doesn't actually cook the fish, so it stays silky and has a mild smoke flavor.
Or something that stays cooler than concrete or flagstone under bare feet when you step out of a pool.
Irregular bits and shredded pieces knit together so it stays in place.
US government workers soon have less money to spend on big city hotel stays.
Some travel providers and destinations have been offering discounts and stays to members of the military.
There is also lots of demand for innovation that facilitates less invasive procedures which shorten hospital stays.
And if petrol stays high, consumer spending could suffer.
At eight o'clock he comes down, and the tower stays empty until the next morning.
No country, or group of countries, stays on top forever.
On balance, if the politics stays stable, the economy should do well enough to consolidate democracy eventually.
The number of jobs advertised but not being filled is increasing even as the unemployment rate stays resolutely high.
If the euro zone stays together, they're going to occur again, and corresponding reversals and shocks will also occur again.
He stays there drinking banana beer until midday, then comes home to eat.
But it is a guide to how much default rates may worsen even if the economy stays strong and house prices stabilise.
It causes longer and more serious illnesses, lengthening people's stays in hospital and complicating their treatment.
It deters drug use by insisting on regular drug screenings and threatening short stays in jail.
The longer her shutter stays open, the blurrier and more transparent bodies will appear, until at last they disappear.
She stays in her home, but it doesn't seem to agree with her.
In the long run it is the bitterness and ruthlessness of the world of this theater that stays the hand.
It is something that comes from underground and stays at the surface.
Besides that, your house stays much more comfortable as the temperatures do not fluctuate as often.
Normally, the diodes' light reflects internally and stays trapped within the acrylic.
If the light stays in the ring for too long, it will be too weak to use.
The other question is how a single pilot stays awake that long.
We're talking about turning it into a liquid that stays a liquid at ambient temperatures and pressures, and doing it cheaply.
Vent to your heart's content to control moisture, but keep the pizza in an insulated sleeve, so that the heat stays in.
They were also more likely to suffer serious complications and have longer hospital stays.
But the owners are fond of their home the way it is, so it stays.
The community also does a good job of carving out the boundaries of what's notable so that the set of stays manageable.
The regime stays intact, offering the illusion of change with little of the substance.
If they inject it into the right kind of geological structure, and deep enough below the surface, it stays there.
The echo of architectural space stays within the subject as an unconscious experience.
If colluvium stays still long enough, it may form horizons too.
The light stays longer in the sky, but it's a cold light, it brings no relief from winter.
The first time she does this, the local sheriff comes to see what's going on, and stays to watch it burn.
She's going to have a master strategist in her husband if he stays behind the scenes.
He's a do-it-yourself artist who stays home and works-but he himself, his life, is not the stuff of his art.
The house stays where it is, on its slab and pilings.
The emotional affect that stays with me is one of serenity, security.
For minutes at a time, the camera stays on the singer's face.
Among other things, he stays in a hospital for malingerers and serves as an orderly for an army chaplain.
What stays in my mind are those kisses she gives her boys.
The nurse stays with him, making sure he gets the right blood and drugs.
They need skin that stays waterproof even as it is jostled by debris or shaken by vibrations.
Now, public health officials are divided on how to ensure that the disease stays eradicated.
The vapor blows off, and the looser material forms a ribbon or stream that stays more or less along the same orbit as the comet.
Measuring twice the creature's body length, the tongue stays coiled inside until needed.
But here's an idea for next time: taking a bike that falls over all the time and tweaking it until it stays up.
What stays may not count as afterlife under certain definitions, but so be it.
Her blood pressure soars and stays up there for a while.
If you frighten a mouse, it stays in one corner and doesn't move at all.
Mostly he stays at home to do what he does best-think about, and write about, evolution.
In fall, the hills come alive with color, but the welcome mat stays out all year.
Nothing stays the same forever, not even historic towns.
Map and compare counties by rates of potentially avoidable hospital stays.
Patient safety events make hospital stays longer and more costly.

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