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If she had genius, she lacked stamina, the sticking and staying power genius needs if it is to do more than flash erratically.
Once a cooperative exhausts its staying power, a merger or acquisition can be put together with minimum negotiation.
It is foundation's proven effectiveness over decades that accounts for its staying power, say its defenders.
For all this, the movement may have some staying power.
Memes are complex units, distinct and memorable-units with staying power.
Fossil fuels have the kind of staying power to perpetuate itself this way.
Still, no one questions its staying power as a dominant media brand.
It's not clear that either will have the same cultural resonance or staying power.
They have longer staying power than anything that appears in magazines.
But its vast renown hardly begins to account for its staying power.
And yes, the diversity of its portfolio may have given it staying power.
The two poems have shown an extraordinary staying power.
What remains uncertain is the extent or staying power of these new movements and the depth and obduracy of resistances to them.
In contrast, weaker selection or robust recombination will inevitably diminish the staying power of drafting processes.
Couples who tied the knot recently seem to have more staying power than their predecessors.
What is new is that so many teams, even less glamorous ones, have equal staying power.
So publishers will be watching to see if the six newcomers on the list enjoy the same staying power.
Yet the writer takes the position that the millions of homeowners left, who apparently have staying power, can't afford to sell.
Staying power is what matters in civil wars or insurgencies.
The only problem is that it probably won't have staying power.
And sustained the staying power in that market till the end.
But his staying power can best be explained by one of his players.
In the digital era, consumers worry about the staying power of their sacred possessions.
It's the follow-up that shows if the artist has staying power, if he or she is worth keeping around.
Never underestimate the staying power of a bad idea.
We need someone for the next eight years who has the staying power to repair the staggering damage.
The calutrons' staying power has been a testament to their versatility and technically solid design.
Other compounds used since then have lacked the same staying power.
One of more notable items about this past winter cold was it's endurance and staying power.

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