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While faculty have stayed largely silent, some have backed the students.
In part, this was because inflation stayed low and investors were risk-averse in the alarm of the recession.
Those who stayed behind still inhabit a contaminated landscape.
Booms kept oil off the shores, as long as the waves stayed calm.
She told me something that has stayed with me: the family had saved for three years to make the trip.
He went back to the house with one of the boys, but the crows stayed away.
Inside a near-vacuum bulb, it stayed alight for more than half a day.
Global average temperatures have stayed fairly constant over that time as well, until recently.
But their testosterone plunged, compared to peers who stayed single.
Look closely and you'll find signed copies from authors who have stayed in the room.
The grippy rubber tips stayed put and performed admirably, but cord noise was kept to a minimum.
On the whole, they have been tolerated so long as they stayed behind campus walls.
The team looked at data for four regions on the sun that eventually became active and nine regions that stayed quiet.
So although these mice were consistently eating poorly, they stayed as trim and fit as mice that were fed a low-fat diet.
The crowds stayed away, but all six of us movie mavens in attendance were enthusiastically glued to the screen.
Many people escaped, and many who could have evacuated the threatened cities stayed behind for one motive or another.
Better indeed if their debts stayed the same, but their incomes rose.
Some senior centers stayed open longer to offer air-conditioned respite to elderly residents.
The relative support for other disciplines has stayed roughly the same.
We stayed away from noise-canceling and wireless tech, earbuds and models made for the commuter set.
As prices soared and interest rates stayed low, delinquency rates remained low too.
The heavier smoke particles stayed in lower layers and so were less able to travel.
Several others stayed away, making it more difficult for the centre-left to muster the necessary outright majority.
She stayed in the hospital five days longer than expected.
The chimp s ancestor stayed in the tree our ancestor came down to the water.
Without traditional means of communication, other residents who stayed closer to home resorted to spray paint.
However, the frequency and duration of hurricanes overall have stayed about the same.
They stayed put while the grain grew and while the beer was brewed.
They actually built a shelter of palm fronds in their yard and stayed there.
But prices stayed low because demand was weak and large commercial stocks were slow to fall.
Many people stayed up late celebrating and so may be sleeping in.
We stayed with the two matriarchs for several weeks.
The skin around his eyes was tinged a light pink, making him look as though he had stayed up too late.
Sure there have been upgrades in lighting and sound systems, but the overall concept has stayed the same.
Implementation of the order has been stayed pending appeal.
The general stayed on as army commander, casting an overbearing shadow.
Bagels stayed fresher in the pouch than when left out.
My generation has stayed around and tried to keep the town alive.
When a baseball game was rained out, people stayed and watched the storm.
Then they put the coffin out upon the mountain, and one of them always stayed by it and watched it.
Many papers stayed afloat by pushing journalists overboard.
Many stayed on, depriving the country of talented professionals.
He traveled a lot, and always seems to have stayed kind of portable.
He stayed awake for three days to accomplish this feat.
And this picture of darkness and light only stayed in my photos.
Top-rank males in all groups stayed boss for roughly the same length of time-a year.
So they stayed with friends whose houses had been spared.
The sodium hydroxide stayed on the bottom and the hydrochloric acid sat on top.
Railways and roads will be built that might otherwise have stayed on the drawing board for years.
So rats that got the net-busting treatment stayed calm when they heard the sound.
Whatever the reason, the redirect stayed in place for almost a full week.
Some stayed rather than abandon their pets, which are barred from evacuee shelters.
To their credit, almost the entire crowd stayed through to the end.
When they shook it only a little, the bead stayed floating on top.
They found that mice and rats stayed away from that part of the cage.
The soldiers have stayed well inside the barracks, where they belong.
And the longer they stayed in the program, the more weight they lost.
Processors, graphics and even the displays have been improved, although the prices have stayed the same.
If chimps stayed in a immature stage for an extra year or so, who knows what they may be able to accomplish.
However when the law was changed making the tail light mandatory on new vehicles, the accident rate stayed exactly the same.
There were reasons why he should stay, good reasons, and he stayed.
Despite the strong macroeconomic performance, underemployment and poverty have stayed persistently high.
If it doesn't, it's not going to get anywhere, so they made sure the tail stayed up.
They stayed two years and by all accounts enjoyed it.
He stayed there for several years before leaving the profession entirely.
If they had stayed on the beach, she believes they wouldn't have made it to safety.
He showed up at the games incognito and stayed in makeshift barracks.
In the caf├ęs that stayed open, and there were plenty, it was easy to find a peaceful table with a relaxed waiter.
Our family and friends stayed home eagerly awaiting news of our journey.
He stayed, joined the faculty, and eventually became dean of engineering.
And the squeaky clean mice, even with the risky gene, stayed healthy.
The second cage rats did not overpopulate and their behavior stayed normal throughout the test period.
Life did not arise all over the planet at once and each population of lifeforms stayed in those places in perpetuity.
The flame stayed lit all the way down, but went out when caught.
He stayed in the game after entering as part of a double switch in the sixth.
Some that stayed open posted signs declaring their support for the marchers.
Some emigrants would have been jobless had they stayed.
At the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, people of the city stayed awake eating pomegranates.
Then they simply checked which directors stayed from one proxy statement to the next.
While households and financial firms went on a borrowing binge, non-financial firms stayed fairly sober.
Thanks to trade, wages stayed high although the population grew.
The only drawback was that the countries stayed poor.
The external design has stayed the same, to the dismay of those who think it's silly.
If you stayed away from trouble for a year, your family could come and walk around the prison rec yard with you for a few hours.
Most of the guests stayed in the shadows around the edges of the circular ballroom.
He came with the cool breeze of late night or on days so hot that even the hummingbird stayed still in the shade.
Its intensity stayed high over hundreds of kilometers.
Resting energy expenditure stayed the same for those who ate the low-protein diet.
If you stayed persistently logged in, you were safe.
As long as she did those jobs--that is, stayed in office--she did not feel driven to do much else.
Without a bailout, the banking system would have stayed paralyzed and the recession would have been much deeper and longer.
But readers who have stayed the course this far are now in a good position to judge for themselves.
People constantly formed crowds to look at us, but kept their distance and stayed quiet.
She said she stayed by his side in constant expectation.
Others stayed but loathed his work and let him know it.
There they stayed until transistor radios, which are cheap to purchase and impossible to repair, put them out of business.
He showed up early to the games and stayed late, he played with abandon, he felt the unease in results.
We ate in our own restaurants, stayed in our own hotels, and hired our own guides.
Within two hours the rodents' peripheral nerves stood out as if traced with luminescent paint and stayed that way for six hours.
The stars stayed in a fixed arrangement and the planets moved against that pattern.
We found that all of that dispersant added at depth stayed in the deepwater plumes.
In those areas where fish were plentiful and available year-round, it's likely some orcas stayed to take advantage of the bounty.
Mum stayed home with reference clocks in the kitchen.
Those stubborn few that had stayed got an extra hour of partying that night.
She had stayed in the bar talking and hanging out for several hours.
He went for the fishing and stayed for the quality of life there.
As hundreds of people reveled below them in the garden, they stayed up in the rectory, surrounded by a few friends.
The board stayed quiet publicly, but sources say its members were upset.
And five of the nuns who stayed there-they were all killed.
And all those other disgruntled retired generals presumably waiting in the wings stayed quiet.
He had stayed up all night on the airplane, trying to memorize his lines.
They simply stayed in their boats until the river could take them no closer.
We had stayed on our original route, but veered away now and then.
Second time, he said, he stayed awake and hated it less.
Her hypnotherapist stayed by her side throughout, monitoring her trance state and refocusing her mind when it drifted.
He has stayed till closing, seen all the sights, heard all the jargon.

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