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Come for a visit and you may find yourself wanting to stay.
But it remains to be seen if that moratorium will hold and stay in place.
Share your suggestions for where to stay on a budget.
Please stay on topic and be respectful of other readers.
The sea dragon's disguise helps it stay off another fish's menu.
They may alter evaporation rates or their angle to the sun to stay near this temperature, which is ideal for photosynthesis.
One of the biggest mistakes winter cyclists make when trying to stay warm is to throw on a heavy coat.
Older people in need of inspiration to stay fit as they age might consider the example of lifeguards.
For many plants and animals, copying other creatures helps them stay alive.
Stay in a mountainside lodge, a lakeside hotel, or a backcountry chalet more.
It can stay aloft in the stratosphere for up to four days, powered by hydrogen.
These pairs help one another find food, get clean, and stay safe.
In many animals, relatives tend to stay close, either sharing the same territory or living in neighboring ones.
They hide from predators by diving beneath the water's surface, where they can stay for up to five minutes.
Get the scoop on what to do, where to ski, and where to stay in these great ski destinations.
Now they're forced to stay on land or follow the ice farther north, where there's less to eat.
The dressing won't stay blended as long, but it certainly simplifies the process.
The better it does its job, the less likely you are to stay awake to appreciate it.
He knew he'd have more fun in the water if he could stay warm.
Both are essentially spinning wings that stay aloft thanks to aerodynamic lift and gyroscopic stability.
Our editors must-do highlights for an adventure-packed stay more.
Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you're sure it's safe to exit.
Most volunteers opt to live on a farm for a few days, but some may stay a month or more.
That's how people stay informed nowadays: if the news is important, it will find us.
As soon as any of the following is present in the car that you are looking at, stay away from it.
Stay away from bookcases or furniture that can fall on you.
But gene therapy could allow athletes to build more muscle, faster, and to stay strong longer without further effort.
He said to stay in business these days every restaurant must cater to tourists.
Most of the debris appears to stay safely within the doctor's domain, leaving the patient pristine.
They may stay in temporary storage areas until suitable solutions will be found.
Making fires is how people here stay warm and cook food.
So to stay safe on the highway, remember: wear your seatbelt.
Many people stay up late and don't get enough sleep.
They stay staked outside even during storms and are not always the friendliest creatures.
Wind power, meanwhile, has managed to stay out of the headlines.
It seems that the weather is finally breaking and spring temperatures might be here to stay.
The herb also increases peripheral blood flow, so your hands and feet may stay warmer.
They used treadmills, exercise bicycles and a simulated weight training system to stay fit.
Larger birds stay in the air by gliding on air currents.
The cases that stay in your mind are the ones that haven't been resolved.
Learn about how one insect depends on hearing to stay alive.
Stay in the old part of the cities when you can, lots of restaurants and places to see.
Stay safe by keeping them out of your mouths and noses.
There are three times as many stay-at-home fathers as there were a decade ago.
After all, there is plenty of junk in orbit, and it can't stay up there forever.
Please stay tuned for winner announcements to follow.
Conventionally speaking, insects can't generate enough lift to stay in the air.
The coyotes have been blamed for eating cats and other pets that stay out at night.
The guest list remains the same in the various paintings, and the people stay lithe.
Because if the enzyme keeps the telomeres robust, the chromosomes stay protected and the cell's aging is slowed.
Better to stay behind the frozen gate than to come too early up into realms where the wolves of cold are still aprowl.
Though hedgehogs mainly stay on the ground, they swim quite well and even climb trees.
They hover, beating their wings quickly to stay in one spot in the air.
Heat from the roads helps cold-blooded snakes stay warm.
More than at any other time of the year, people feel the need to stay connected to friends and family around the winter holidays.
Although its exact mechanism of action is not fully understood, it affects only the urge to stay awake.
But a team of engineers has now built a bicycle that eliminates both of these features, but still manages to stay upright.
Student mothers say some small colleges make it difficult for them to stay in school.
Stay up-to-date with what's happening in academe in a matter of minutes.
My busy, rich life would basically stay on track, becoming simply a little busier and richer.
The rapidly shifting landscape makes it tough to keep up with change and innovation, let alone stay ahead of the curve.
But you can't stay insulated here, because the penguins won't let you.
They're small enough that they disperse into the ocean, where they stay suspended.
Because the fish stay close to the surface of the water, they are more vulnerable to human hunters.
Australians are instructed to pick one of two options: leave early or stay and fight the fire.
He could stay in the fort, the red blanket casting a red light on everything inside.
The average stay is a week or two-long enough for the body to surrender its toxins.
Books that do not explicitly concern themselves with the theme of religion cannot altogether stay away from it.
Those who want it to stay are fewer, but they have money.
Ten or so survivors get around the boat and clutch at its sides in an attempt to stay afloat.
Afraid that the demons may inhabit them if they stay so still for a moment.
Those who have made the decision to stay on the road tend to stay on rather than reconsidering their decision.
Stay a little longer, and you begin to recognize it as our future.
It took her a couple of years after that to begin to think that it might stay away.
We'd rather stay in the city and starve than go to the country an' have nothing to do but work.
Heavy logging trucks ply the highway, so stay off the beaten path if you crave forest silence.
But if you plan on doing anything besides skiing, it's more fun to stay in town.
Hydrangeas grow best in areas where winters stay fairly mild, and they bloom over a long period in summer.
But the lotus-inspired materials are easily damaged, which slowly degrades the surface's ability to stay dry.
How science makes modern athletes go higher, move faster, and stay safer.
The alternative hypothesis is that it is to the advantage of kids to stay at home until they can find a place to go.
Taking a slew of cold remedies and stimulants to stay awake.
To operate normally, proteins must stay in solution, bonded to water molecules.
But maybe, a new study suggests, it's sometimes to the host's benefit to let imposter eggs stay in their nests.
The longer you stay awake, the longer and more intensely you will sleep.
If something gets bigger or stronger and all its other properties stay the same, that's yet another kind of symmetry.
So they stay put and become specialists in a relatively small home range.
Cool, dense water tends to stay near the bottom and warmer buoyant water near the top.
Scientists have long known that water can stay liquid at temperatures well below zero.
Two pieces of the polymer stick together when heated, stay stuck when cooled down, and come apart when heated again.
They need to stay in touch with the trucking company and with family.
It makes sense that the company would want to stay quiet for awhile.
But that's about as far as silicon can go: below that quantum physics makes electrons too unruly to stay inside the lines.
Therefore, the researchers believe, neurons will stay tethered to their mates.
But the intense interest in developing an alternative to the polygraph means that the technology is likely here to stay.
It also uses high-end insulation to stay cool for hours without power.
Or stay cool inside the sprawling historic log cabin.
The moistened border will stay smooth and will automatically curve in a semicircle.
The squid was fighting to stay submerged the only way it knew how, by blowing water out its beak.
And without the skillful help they needed, these fine chefs could not be persuaded to stay at a job.
But, while she is still expected to stay thin and publicly sober, her obligations have shifted from entertaining to parenting.
Firm-fleshed dogs are split and cooked on a grill until their outsides crisp up while the insides stay juicy.
When she tries to stay off the sauce, he buys her a drink.
When she tries to stay calm, he goads her until she throws said drink in his face.
We're not here to weigh in on whether she should stay or go.
The longer they stay dead, the more mythic juice they possess.
Despite all this, it seemed that no court would stay his execution.
Years of firsthand experience as a disappointed spectator have taught me to stay far away.
They both find a way to stay relevant, no matter what the cultural temperature.
The history and the style of thinking are authentic, whether or not the fashionable theories are here to stay.
Ultimately the job of hiring teachers, evaluating them, and deciding who should stay and who should go falls to administrators.
But whether they stay or go, their attempts to spring the trap of their own lives generally leads only to worse disaster.
We stand by as millions die each year because they are too poor to stay alive.
He has the air of a respected first-year college teacher, giving you some of his time, and he lets you stay on after office hours.

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Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.... more
I am deeply grieved, even to death; remain here, and stay awake with me.... more
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