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Standing waist-deep in muddy water, they chew coca leaves to stave off exhaustion and hunger.
Revel in your opportunities to wait out this lousy economy, stave off the student-loan collectors, and study in coffee shops.
Regular meditation may increase smarts and stave off aging, according to an ongoing study.
Not far below these directives is the implementation of strategies designed to stave off the after-effects of devastation.
Or to feel better, one might eat more, perhaps to stave off boredom.
Heaters might stave off doom for bats: researchers.
But with money to stave off financial pressure, the players might be able to get more from owners.
In the meantime, however, the argument that it can stave off cancer is unsupported.
How bacteria in the intestine can stave off diabetes is not yet clear.
None of them can permanently stave off the system s inherent tendency to crisis.
And to stave off the depression: fish oil, long walks and meditation.
Conversely, some moribund administrations embrace desperate hyperactivity to stave off their doom.
All this new debt sounds frightening, but advocates of reform say that borrowing now will help stave off problems in the future.
Other vulnerable financial giants scrambled to sell themselves or raise enough capital to stave off a similar fate.
The first priority of the rebels-turned-rulers must be physical security to stave off anarchy and looting.
He calculated that if he took the initiative, he might stave off deeper and more unwelcome cuts.
With each crisis, it pulls itself together long enough to stave off total catastrophe, before reverting to internal squabbling.
With job losses mounting, governments pondered measures to stave off a deep economic slump.
Or employees of a start-up who forgo pay to stave off bankruptcy.
Or he may have thought that he had done enough to stave off threats to his rule and could go into reverse.
For a growing number, however, even these measures have failed to stave off bankruptcy.
Federal regulators said the move was necessary to stave off what could have been the second big bank failure in less than a week.
Still, even measures taken to stave off another crisis are feeding the panic.
But it did not stave off a slide from economic or political prominence.
The underinsured aren't likely to stave off development of chronic diseases, since they often don't receive routine medical care.
Also, get a flu shot every year to help stave off flu-related ear infections.

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Bribed with a little sunlight and a few prismatic tints, we bless our Maker, and stave off his wrath with h... more
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