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The others have all been dropped, because of the statute of limitations or the immunity rule.
With a possible charge of desertion, which carries no statute of limitations.
The statute of limitations for any crime was six months.
He also argued that the two-year statute of limitations on the summary offense has expired.
But, as the coalition's health bill heads for the statute books, problems are multiplying.
It will probably be timed out by a statute of limitations before a verdict is reached.
The statute of limitations has run out for those who merely carried out orders.
The law provides no clear remedy, since the statute of limitations bars prosecution for abuses that occurred decades ago.
After he left office, several cases expired under the statute of limitations.
Say the statute of limitations in your state is five years.
The statute requires the acts be performed voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing one's nationality.
And because of its broad civil provisions, the statute has.
The only small saving grace is that the new statute expires in six months.
The statute itself describes the scope of illegal activities.

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