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Example sentences for status symbol

We view a car as a utilitarian thing and not a status symbol.
Originally, this special designated number was a desirable status symbol.
The quickest remedy, according to government talking heads, is to make toilets into a status symbol.
Within polygynous societies, multiple wives often become a status symbol denoting wealth and power.
It's a status symbol created by entertainment that is capitalized on by manufacturers and their distributors.
The personal private foundation has become the status symbol of wealth.
Normal people should wait for the next model, but it's a critical status symbol for the truly wired.
Championship rings serve as status symbol, career validation.
Among people of means, six-figure aquariums are the latest status symbol.
Superluxurious haberdashery is the latest status symbol for really big spenders.
About the only status symbol still standing has a firmer foundation than an exclusive brand.
Again, because of their rarity this was seen as quite a status symbol among many tribal peoples.
Purchases of television sets are rising, replacing radios as the new consumer status symbol.
Two points need to be mentioned: first, a lot of consumers buy imported goods as a status symbol.
Coffee shops have become a status symbol for younger consumers.
Many see holding a job and having a steady source of income as a status symbol.
Parking was described as something you earned, a perk on par with the corner office, a status symbol.
Walnut has become a status symbol and it is always in demand because of its many uses.
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