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They'll have plenty of time to do so but won't if they wait to see if you and others try to maintain the current status quo.
The problem may be motivating the males, who know that if they maintain the status quo in this situation they benefit.
Until suffragettes and gays provoked the status quo by standing up and telling the truth, as moral and forthright individuals.
Above all, though, donors must recognize that the current status quo is unacceptable.
Nothing is more difficult for the reasonable, settled, status quo state than to contemplate fanaticism.
Some people are benefited by the status quo, and if you want to change the status quo people will complain.
However, in too many cases, stable means simply preserving a subpar status quo.
It's a big move away from the status quo in digital imaging.
They rewrite the universe from the ground up, shaking up the status quo and leaving no sacred cow untenderized.
They are iconoclasts who question the status quo, cut through red tape, and challenge their bosses to greatness.
If the experiment fails, then everyone reverts back to the legal status quo.
Its ideology is paradoxical, advocating revolt as a means of preserving the status quo.
But, while clinging to the status quo can be dangerous for autocrats, real reform comes with its own risks.
But it implies a departure from the status quo today.
It would be even more likely than the statewide winner-take-all status quo to elect the loser.
It can be simply a matter of people's walking around in tacit agreement and full comfort with the status quo.
Any big change to the status quo produces losers as well as winners.
His concept, though, continues to challenge the status quo.
No one can claim that, and to do so shows disregard for the true spirit of science and reluctance to budge from the status quo.
Our cold, materialistic society has made pathological anything but mindless, pseudo-contented adherence to the status quo.
Don't forget biodiversity is necessary to maintain the status quo.
Critically though, despite reverting to cortical status quo, the rats retained their sharpened perceptual skills.
The history of technology is rife with stories and accounts of revolutionary approaches overturning the status quo.
There's not even much to-do about it, because it's status quo.
My companies have the resources to create internal solutions rather than simply accept the status quo.
It's status quo-is-right, and belies a certain arrogance about our understanding of the world.
It is ironic that ignorance and arrogance seem to be the status quo for the deniers.
If you keep your people ignorant then they will not question the status quo.
When online outreach is undervalued by our colleagues and administration, it is often sacrificed at the altar of status quo.
Powerful farming lobbies have little interest in changing the status quo.
These require only gradual change and pretty much retain the status quo.
One axis on this grid would show whether the party defends or wants to change the status quo.
Nobody wants to upset the murky and convenient status quo.
And he warned that successful business people were always trying to conspire with politicians to preserve the status quo.
In some ways the act was a surrender to the status quo.
And local variances tend to protect the status quo and stymie any change or progress.
The family-planning bureaucracy is a vast and entrenched interest group defending the status quo at all levels of government.
Although publication of the paper would disturb a three-decade status quo, things may not change quickly.
The status quo has supporters among lawyers and human-rights groups as well as politicians.
Despite disliking much of the report he voted for it anyway, because it was less risky than the status quo.
The message comes at a moment when many college leaders are taking a harder look at the status quo in college instruction.
As a result, the program tends to reinforce the status quo, rather than promote systemic creativity and dynamism.
The administrations that followed were nothing more than status quo joes.
Consequently, they have little interest in change and are quite comfortable with the status quo.
One such is the tension between the new and the status quo.
Stop accepting situations the way they are and start trying to change the status quo by negotiating.
Every generation has different learning needs, and it does not serve our students to be stuck in the status quo.
And finally, faculty leaders must stop protecting the status quo.
But you're right- the status quo isn't working and something needs to happen.
Unless you leave or accept the status quo without any further resolution, you will have to say something.
Do not expect people to buy in to budget proposals that are major departures from the status quo.
It reinforces an economically and socially dangerous status quo, while buttressing a functional aristocracy.
Constantly challenging the status quo, science is the engine of the future.
It's harder to undo a status quo than simply explain wave-particle duality.
Corporations and movements intent on reinforcing some status quo.
The strongest efforts of those mean-minded and unimaginative people who try to hold the status quo forever are doomed.
Big money and the status quo are bigger than bloggers.
Any sort of change is going to upset those who depend on the status quo.
The mainstream is too steeped in its own status quo.
Yet the political dynamic is managed by those who prefer to keep the status quo.
So much of what he's done hasn't been to make things better, but maintaining the crappy status quo left to him.
Which would be partly correct, and partly missing the point, since it certainly breaks down the status quo of disengagement.
He favors the status quo of supplements manufacturers claiming whatever they want about the composition of their products.
But even with that consciousness, she believes that to try new things is better than giving in to the status quo.
Serious federal reform may not be gentler than devolution to the public-sector status quo.
They don't seem to understand that the status quo is untenable.
The status quo is not an attractive option, because it entails considerable risks and costs.
The status quo in religious affairs was brought to an end.
They have regimes that have essentially been status quo regimes.
Here's a modest proposal to push education in the right direction after years of accepting an unacceptable status quo.
For the rating agency, this status quo must not be enough.
But the companies that use options were happy with the status quo.
And the status quo could actually be improved upon by further embracing local control.
If you're going to get your audience emotionally involved, you need a major piece of tension that throws the status quo off.
He was ready to do business with the uppity and never desire to threaten the status quo.
But to get them, they will have to work around the establishment, and overturn the status quo.
The new arrivals, that is, would offer the flexibility and productivity that the status quo were not willing to accept.
More is only more for a while, then becomes the status quo.
However, the status quo will soon no longer be tenable because of rising costs.
US-sponsored bilateral negotiations have become a formula for sustaining an otherwise untenable status quo.
Violence can contribute to shattering the status quo, but only politics and organization can transform it.
Action is irreversible, and a return to the status quo in case of defeat is always unlikely.
We get comfortable with the status quo even when the status quo isn't good.
Expose the status quo politicians of both parties who avoid making tough decisions.
He seemed to really believe it, offering a scathing critique of the status quo.
Every character is a walking placard-for capitalism or idealism or monogamy or the status quo.
Whether or not they would ever have proposed particular programs, beneficiaries soon become comfortable with the status quo.
But with the economy booming, it has become harder to make a case against the status quo.
Most heartbreaking is that it is not a vacuum at all, but the unfortunate status quo due to university leadership.
Actually, the notable feature of the bill is that it essentially preserves the policy status quo.
Though the status quo hadn't produced good results for our kids, his critics didn't want to see change.

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