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The national government's lawyers replied that the decree made no mention of the statue itself.
We need an advocate with the statue to personify the problem and carry it through.
On the drum-roll, the processors pause, and golden flares explode either side of the statue.
They make an odd couple, the archaeologist and the statue.
They had banners on the escalators, in the bathrooms and a giant statue display outside of the expo hall.
Remember that you don't always have to show the whole statue or object.
Whenever a rock containing quartz is cut or polished, perhaps for a statue or ax head, the quartz at the surface is left exposed.
It truly shows how beautiful the work of not only the photographer but also the artist who made the statue.
The first leg of our pilgrimage took us to a statue that overlooks a pond at the campus entrance.
That's the time to have balanced accounts, gained traction, become the proper statue to commemorate one's proper life.
There are a lot of famous people that have come to my statue.
The other glittering rich ornaments of this place seem almost to lose their lustre when the statue of the saint is uncovered.
The number one subject of sculptures, statue and paintings is fearless leader.
But he takes after his late predecessor, who had a gold statue of himself revolve to face the sun.
When you return, the statue will be in a different place.
If this is a statue, that would imply some type of civilization that produced such a statue.
The nurse holds his head as if it were the head of a statue whose sightless eyes have no pupils.
Remember, no one has ever built a statue dedicated to a critic.
But, though far fewer folks would see it, it might be more fitting to put that statue elsewhere.
To make a perfect composition in words is more than to make the best building or machine, or the best statue or picture.
At the eight-minute mark in the video above, the scene shifts to a statue of a golden hand crushing a jet.
There was the life-size statue of him holding a polo mallet in solid gold.
Above each statue is a large tablet bearing an inscription in gilt letters.

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