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Example sentences for stats

The stats-and-stethoscope upstarts are nonetheless making their dash.
Thats pretty impressive compared to the lcd screens, though to me the pictures look almost identical with different stats.
The commentary is livelier, and often contains insights and stats that are rarely published in articles.
Both pay more attention to technical stats than nutritional value.
Stats would be a different story, and that is used in accounting research.
Here are a few more stats about life in finance without the bonuses.
Stats climbed when deregulatory policies were introduced to boost farm production, but they've finally stalled.
People submitted their vital stats along with questionnaires by mail.
Below is a list of facts about tornadoes, offering a quick reference of tornado records and stats.
The article doesn't provide the relevant stats to weigh the risks and benefits of one against the other.
Despite their challenge, many become proficient at geometry, stats and computer programming.
The stats suggest that money used for other things is well used which is a complete fallacy.
Anyone who has been even peripherally involved with web site design knows how these stats work.
For instance, it could let viewers call up stats on a ballplayer during the game or view a recipe from a cooking show.
Monounsaturated fat is supposed to be heart-healthy, as this article claims, because it improves the blood lipid stats.
Maybe the common-sense answer, winter driving is more dangerous, is more meaningful than the bare stats.
We'll forget all those stats that experts tell us, but we'll retain a good story forever.
For instance, it could let viewers viewers call up stats on a ballplayer during the game or view a recipe from a cooking show.
If you can spare a few more glances, tap a game for stats and summaries.
The app also includes a calendar that stores your stats.
Stats junkies can pore over the data for themselves in the image below.
But look at the overall stats for earthquakes vs moon phase and distance.
To add, there were some really weird things in the stats.
Click here for a full rundown of the poll's methodology and even more stats.
Playing time stats shows special teams could be in for major upheaval again.
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