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His on-field presence was a shade too statistically minded for a certain kind of fan.
Statistically speaking, there may be a sample-selection problem.
We haven't been collecting this data long enough to test it statistically, but there does seem to be this trend.
Surprisingly, these zip lines are still low risk, statistically safer than driving in a car or flying on an airplane.
If statistically desperate, you're tempted to grab whatever data is available.
Statistically it seems okay to siphon off some wildebeest in a migration of over a million.
Most of those factors don't have a statistically significant relationship to school performance.
Although statistically significant, the difference between the two groups was probably unnoticeable otherwise.
Therefore, other things being equal, war is statistically more likely in a multipolar system than it is in a bipolar one.
The increased use of early decision shows the strong drive for colleges to make themselves look better statistically.
Still, these technologies' contributions to the overall economy are statistically insignificant.
The amount of weight loss that these sanctimonious slenderizers have achieved has no statistically significant health benefits.
So the tradeoff is between a beautiful game and a statistically significant one.
The fact of the matter is that such a system will be statistically less reliable.
As long as each particle is influenced by a statistically large number of other particles, gravity emerges.
The researchers have created an algorithm that can detect subtle but statistically significant changes in brain activity.
However, scientists won't know if the results are statistically significant until completion of the study next year.
However, the real contribution of this paper isn't even these statistically significant results.
It probably wasn't weirder than any other year, statistically speaking.
The risk may be statistically low, but the cost of making them wear helmets is nil compared to the potential injury.
So that is statistically significant, but it has to be treated with caution.
However, some people who statistically should not make the transition and beat the odds do.
One can also see that, statistically, defaults rose as the job market has tightened and dried up.
But the researchers did not find these differences statistically significant.
Statistically the population of students tends to show a high degree of segregation from nonstudents.
All that has changed, of course, the term of copyright now being statistically almost indistinguishable from a perpetual grant.
Snub-nosed breeds don't fare well inflight, statistically.
Good for you that you don't subject your partner to this problem, but statistically you're the exception, rather than the norm.
We all know lots of exceptions to this, but statistically it is true more often than not.
The joke is on those who ban books, statistically speaking.
These differences were also statistically significant.
Statistically speaking, flying is far safer than driving.
General aviation statistically has a higher rate of fatalities than commercial flights.
The airline says that is statistically significant and not attributable to random chance.
Statistically, acquittals by reason of insanity remain rare.
Statistically speaking then, this correlation makes a whole lot of sense.
But trials take time, often years, to enroll a sufficient number of participants to generate statistically significant results.
Typically the brain will heed the one that is statistically more reliable and simply ignore the other source.
The only statistically significant blip appeared in a subgroup of patients who were prayed for and knew it.
Returning to the original point, it is impossible to quantify the effects of an individual teacher in any statistically valid way.
So few will be electric as to be statistically meaningless.
Bem has a stellar reputation as a rigorous experimentalist and has presented statistically significant results.
Those criteria can never be objective: atonement is not statistically measurable.
They look, in other words, at things that are statistically but not economically insignificant.
And, surprisingly, he has found it is scientifically and statistically wanting.
The question is if it should be allowed to differentiate on any statistically significant variation.
The punters are the usual mix of retirees and the statistically inept.
But it was consistent and statistically significant.
Campaigners understand that a war president is statistically more likely to get reelected.
As a result, even differences that are too small to be statistically significant are used to rank countries.
Medicine has also been confounded by statistically based procedures.
For one thing, enormous amounts of data allow subtle effects to be detected statistically.
Again, interesting, and statistically a bit unexpected.
The closer and closer two markers, the more likely they're to be linked, physically and statistically.
These aren't overwhelming majorities, but they were statistically significant.
The team is not claiming discovery of dark matter, because the result is not statistically significant.
Statistically it's a different metric because the threat isn't constant.
Sure, they're statistically significant, but many of the changes they claim are only off by a few percent.
The signature of free-will is the regular appearance of statistically unlikely outcomes.
My statistically elusive comment was specifically in regard to the various wars over the studies.
And that was the extent of his contribution, statistically speaking.
Chances are fairly good, statistically speaking, that you are not cool either.
Absolute rates of all allergies were slightly lower in the control group, but the variations weren't statistically relevant.
Those who watched the show with interruptions reported statistically significant higher levels of enjoyment.
Getting a job at a big company is still, statistically, your best bet.
It's a regressive tax, since smokers are statistically lower-income types.
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