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Pick cities in each type of climate and then look up the weather data in a statistical abstract or almanac.
The team then developed a statistical model based on their data and tested the effects of each variable on contagious yawning.
The statistical bumps observed in the study are in addition to that slight natural imbalance.
Using statistical techniques of extrapolation, they calculated estimates of how many animals there were on a landscape.
The key to their approach was a statistical concept called heritability.
There were more eruptions-a statistical certainty in the volcano-studded country.
He and his team developed new statistical methods that generate a swarm of likely locations.
Ballot recounting largely amounts to delving into statistical noise.
Our goal was not to present a point of view, but rather to provide a factual account of our statistical results.
We all use statistical base rates to guide our decisions.
Most likely, scientists say, their near coincidence is merely a statistical fluke.
We should remember the statistical skew occurring within a clinician's experience.
Others questioned the book's statistical methodology.
Proficiency with computer systems including statistical packages.
Proficiency with statistical and mathematics concepts.
Lots of the statistical computations can be done and imported.
If so, you'll have to due pairwise comparisons to identify the statistical differences which will result in more alpha slippage.
Non-personal statistical data could be useful for a number of uses, including evaluating the economic impact of the universities.
Prepares financial and statistical information in accordance with applicable accounting, industry and regulatory principles.
Statistical reasoning supports decision making under conditions of uncertainty, an inescapable condition of modern life.
Suppose an employer advertises an entry-level position that requires advanced statistical knowledge.
The comments below highlight the gigantic statistical failures in comparing college athletics to professional sports.
Compile and maintain statistical and other data and write reports.
Granted, the statistical sampling of employers at this meeting was in no way scientific.
They have to be, for there have not yet been any statistical studies on the harm caused by the excessive use of adjuncts.
Too often, policy debates consist of two sides presenting conflicting statistical evidence.
Figure out what match students need in order to understand the algebraic and statistical tools they will need as freshmen.
Users can answer questions, take timed quizzes and then get a statistical breakdown of their performance.
Far too many scientists have only a shaky grasp of the statistical techniques they are using.
The statistical office did not formally try to calculate the effects of that bout of bad weather.
But it expects to pronounce ex cathedra only in real statistical emergencies.
They then used statistical controls to filter out such factors.
Its project to gauge purchasing power around the globe is now reckoned to be the world's biggest statistical initiative.
Much of this is due to the underfunding and overstretching of their statistical agencies.
His latest book, packed as it is with statistical tables and equations, will appear daunting to the casual reader.
All told, this statistical sleuthing suggests today's central bankers have little room for complacency.
So some of the latest drop may simply be an overdue statistical correction.
The debate may eventually be resolved by statistical revisions.
How teams rank in a number of statistical categories.
But it must ultimately come down to exercising human judgment rather than relying blindly on statistical models.
His office is piled high with the statistical detritus of more than two decades of data collection.
As is the case with many state polls, these ones come with a statistical health warning.
Secondly, if you look at the statistical incidents, you're not talking about that big a number.
On statistical grounds, it certainly seems improbable that the only period in the climate record as stable as our own is our own.
The statistical litany about violence on television is by now as familiar and ritualized as well, as violence on television.
Now some comments on the numerical data with respect to these basic statistical ideas.
Its treatments are based on statistical observations--standards of normality that look at common traits in large groups of people.
Why euphemisms warrant a statistical index all their own.
He examined some of the statistical evidence which is said to point the other way, and showed it was wrong.
In this instance, as in so many others, the statistical data do not stand up and cry out their own true significance.
If a paper is statistical, question the author closely.
But of course, this is not reliable statistical methodology.
And the index itself is also built with limited statistical indicators.
And because it is creative writing by committee, it hews to the statistical mean, which is to say the mediocre.
The implications of this statistical bombshell are twofold.
Baseball players are accustomed to answering questions about batting averages and game predictions and statistical minutiae.
If observations are eliminated, authors must also report what the statistical results are if those observations are included.
The public, they believed, would make rational decisions if only it had the right pie chart or statistical table.
But in doing so, he misleads his readers about what statistical significance actually means.
Additionally, it could have been a statistical fluke.
Researchers have been known to run experiments and keep tweaking them until the p-value reaches statistical significance.
Key point: replication of bad statistical methods does not ever equal good statistical sampling.
According to such theories, quantum mechanics is statistical because it gives an incomplete description of reality.
Starting from scratch makes it possible to implement statistical calculations in a simpler, more power efficient way, he says.
The group built a statistical model based on several large data sets.
Statistical quant models made billions of dollars for hedge funds from random stock-market movements.
The math that describes this is statistical probability.
But, the statistical benefits to a large database of health information are enormous.
The statistical findings tell investigators whether they have to search for other genes elsewhere.
The problem here is the statistical nature of the process.
So it becomes a statistical phenomenon based on particle densities and relative distances.
Statistical aggregates cannot accurately account for the universe of local knowledge.
There are volumes published, tomes of reference and statistical data, satellites orbiting and collecting data daily.
Strange things happen when you apply the statistical methods of economics to medical science.
Chances are, the disparity between the two reports was mostly statistical noise.
What he lacks in statistical performance, say his defenders, he makes up for in leadership.
But there is a big difference between a statistical link and a causal relationship.
There are some statistical problems with the study that keep it from being considered definitive.
Statistical reports and monographs on cancer trends in specific populations.

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